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Prity Mathew asks:

Dear IMBB Team and followers,

My friend is getting married in a few months. So, we are on a mission to find the best beautician available in Kerala, preferably central region. Ladies who have worked with or who personally know a few really talented beauticians in Kerala, kindly suggest. A few of my other friends who are married have had horrible experience picking up some random beauticians.

Thanks a million!!

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31 thoughts on “Bridal Beauticians in Kerala: Ask IMBB

  1. There are many top beauticians in Kerala who do bridal makeup + grooming. Angamaly area tops the list, there are many good salons there.

    If you are looking in Cochin, Ms. Shobha Kunjan does awesome work – her salon’s name is Live in Style.

    Another famous beautician is Nimmi Sherif who runs La Femme in Thrissur.

  2. Its important that your friend goes in for trials and grooming at least one month before marriage. She can try out different hairstyles and choose her foundation shade and eye makeup much before the D day 🙂

  3. Hi Prity! {wow, this is my first comment ever in this website}
    There are plenty of beauticians in Kerala these days, and the ones who have been in the business for a long time are upping their game to face the competition. From all the research I have done for my bestie’s and cousin’s weddings, I can say the top beauticians are Jolly (Kottayam-Hollywood, her saree draping is THE best and it won’t move out of place. her makeup might be a little too heavy unless you specify otherwise. and for hair she can copy any picture of a hairstyle you show her to perfection. her rates are really high though- around 35k if you want her to come home), Anila Joseph (Trivandrum- she did a decent job for my cousin’s wedding.. but i personally prefer Jolly’s work), Lucy Ipe (freelance artist based out of Angamaly- she does very nice natural looking make up, but i have seen some brides who chose her with messy hair by the end of the wedding.. also she is not as expensive as Jolly or Anila), and Anees Anzare (Bridal Beauty Salon, Kochi- All the celebs get their make up done from him for their weddings.. he has an fb page where he updates pics. Really good make up and hair, but a little too heavy for my taste. I think he charges 25-30k).
    There are many more parlours, but the biggest problem with parlours in Kerala is that they have a very typical make up application style (we call it the mallu serial look).. so make sure you get a trial! Also you will have to pay around 5k for a trial.. no one gives a free trial here! My top picks will always be Jolly or Anees Anzare as they have a tonne of experience and use MAC and Kryolan products.
    PS: if the wedding is going to be after september, there is an Ambika Pillai parlour opening up in Kochi! I’d suggest you to shortlist that one as well!
    Hope you found this useful, and let me know after the wedding who your friend picked and how it turned out to be 😀

    1. Hi Miri,

      Your post was greatly helpfull. Thanks and I am looking for a bridal make up person in Cochin for myself. I tried Shobha Kunjan, sadly she is already booked out for the day.. Do you by any chance have the contact details for Lucy Ipe? I tried to google and nothing came up. Does she have a Salon?

      Many Thanks,

  4. hi…. la femme is a really good option if in thrissur, got my wedding makeup done there…. however, as with any salon, big or small, going for a trial session is a MUST…… at the trial, u can choose ur shade and how intense or not u want it to be… after all, u know urself best……. never underestimate the trial…. I suffered with Shahnaz Hussain’ s parlor for my engagement just becoz they were too busy and confident to have a trial… at la femme, for the wedding, I was a wiser girl and allwent fine after the trial…. all the best!!!

  5. yes JOMOL…SHOBA KUNJAN FROM live in style PANAMPILLY NAGAR (cochin) does an awesome job….my sis in law looked as pretty as a picture on her reception day……….

  6. I had posted a very detailed comment earlier but some how it has disappeared! Anyways, my top picks for beauticians in Kerala are Jolly (Kottayam), Anila Joseph (Tvm), Anees Anzare (Kochi) and Lucy Ipe (freelance make up artist based in Angamaly). Jolly is great for saree draping, but you may have to show her pictures to get the look you want. Anila Joseph does decent make up as well, but I personally find Jolly better. Anees does heavy make up and great hair styling as seen from his pics where he has done the make up for many celebs. Lucy Ipe you can trust for a very natural looking make up, but her hair styling is only so-so. My favs are def Jolly and Anees!

  7. hey jomol
    can you plese share some more details abore shobha kunjan? my friend is getting married in kochin and would like to see some pics of some brides she has worked on.

  8. Hi

    My sister did her bridal makeup from hollywood kottayam…
    Actually their makeup was good but on her wedding day they had almost 4 brides to get ready and it was a soooooo horrible. They didn’t even finished her makeup on time… *scared* *secret* *waiting*

  9. Hello All,

    I am from Cochin.. my marriage will be in Thalassery(Kannur).. Plz suggest me the best parlor in Kannur or North of Kerala

  10. Rradiance Beauty Parlour in Kacheripady, Ernakulam does very good bridal make up and hair-do. My sister looked like a diva on her wedding day!! *happydance*.

  11. I did my bridal make up from Mayas Salon Kottayam…They did an excellent job….I suggest Mayas Salon… *haan ji* *haan ji*

    1. Hi there Swathi. COuld you tell me who in Mayas Salon Kottayam did your makeup?… Mollama is booked out. was wondering if you knew her makeup artist MAnju?

  12. All these beauticians charge exhorbitantly high! I wonder why should we pay that much to these silly girls, my advise is minimum make up and look what you are. Jolly’s (Kottayam) hourly rate for her travel alone is 7500 plus taxi fare plus make up rate! Think of her greediness, and how do they take advantage of ourselves,

    Look for some normal beauticians in your own locality, who can do a good job at a reasonable rate.

    1. Hi Jolly,

      Good make-up products (MAC, Kryolan) are expensive. It also requires a lot of skill to get the MU right or you will make a bride look terrible on her wedding day. If you have a MU assistant, they need to get paid a reasonable amount too. This is why some of the established MU artists charge as much as they do.

      You can go to salons that do the work for less, but are you certain about the quality of products they are putting on your face. Or whether the makeup will last all through the day in hot, humid Kerala weather?

    2. I know I had a friend who was charged over Rs. 20,000 for a silly wedding day only makeup.
      But since I started going to Eden Beauty Spot at Trivandrum, I started recommending Eden to all. As her fare is very affordable and not at all pricy. I have been a customer there for 1 year now and is very happy with her service. They have occasional offers and quality is very high.
      I recommend Benzey Mathew at Eden for Quality Bridal Makeup including pre-wedding skin and hair care services.

  13. Hi..I am getting married in Kayankulam,Allapey dist..Can someone please suggest a good bridal makeup artist nearby Kayankulam or Mavelikkara…Thanks a ton

  14. Hello

    I am getting married in cochin and I do not want to spend more than 10000 on make up. I am really interested in getting someone for saree draping and hair style.
    Would there be anybody in cochin with normalafforadable rates?

    1. Hi Aishwarya,
      As Rekha L said, try contacting Eden Beauty Spot. If Benzey is available she will travel to Cochin and takes care of Saree draping and Hairdo as well along with Face makeup. You can be well within your budget. Good Luck !
      Benzey – +918281677739

  15. I did my wedding makeup in Jolly’s Hollywood almost 4 yrs back..I went there and jolly’s staff Valsamma did my was really good.they charged 7000..for Saree draping,makeup n for My sis’s wedding I called them .14000 if we go to the salon..and 7500 for travelling and extra car fare…almost 25000 for just one function excluding facial and bouquet..I found it very expensive..does anyone knows Lucy iype’s no? or any other afforadable beautician from pala or kottayam?

    1. Hi Sophia, I am freelance hair and MU artist based in Kochi who is open to travelling for MU jobs. You can check out my FB page and reach me on 08157977518. I’ve completed courses in Hair and MU from academies in Mumbai and also offer styling advice for brides. Cheers! Priya

  16. Hi..I am from pathanamthitta and am getting married in Kannur,(kudiyanamla/Thalaseery) in may2015.Can someone please suggest a good bridal makeup artist or good parlor/makeup to go with Gown + hair style for the wedding day.
    many thanks

  17. Hi,
    Can somebody suggest me good bridal dressings in Kottayam? I know hollywood is quite famous and I had my friend’s make up done there. As Said before , the saree draping was awesome. But her make up was little over done even though trial was done 🙁
    Apart from hollywood,what are the other good options do we have in Kottayam?
    If anybody could just tell the exact price for engagement + wedding makeups in hollywood, it would be of great help!!!!
    thanks in advance

  18. Hi. My sister’s engagement got fixed in a hurry and we are on a hunt for some good beauticians from Trichur and Cochin as the program is in Angamali. Can anyone suggest someone with good natural looking makeup and good hairdoes for the bride to be and the her sisters? Thanks a lot in advance.

  19. Hi
    I contacted jayesh Krishna who initially said he’d give a trial which turned out to be just a conversation and even on offering to pay extra he was not willing. Please make sure who ever you are asking is willing do a make up trial. And this was after taking an advance from me

  20. Hi, I am getting married in December. Could someone suggest a good MU artist in or around guruvayur . I am looking for natural makeup and a good hairdo. Please help me find the right one. Thanks 🙂

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