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Anu Asks:

I am getting married in coming November, but my skin is losing all its glow. kindly suggest me some good product for my skin. my skin type is normal to oily (acne pron).

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  1. Hi Anu..congratulations!
    For oily to acne prone skin I highly recommend using Vichy’s Normaderm range Cleansing Gel as face wash and moisturizer and night cream..together they work fab in reducing the breakouts and size of the open pores.

    Also Sebamed Clear Face cleansing foam is good and Avene cleansing gel is fantastic.

    For toner I’d say make your own using green tea+tea tree oil + lavender oil and freeze them as ice cubes and use after washing your face once a day..rubbing ice not only helps in reducing pore size but tea tree oil in it will work effectively on acne/blackheads and white heads

    For face pack m loving himalayas neem face pack these days a lot or make your own with multani mitti + orange peel powder + chandan powder + neem powder + rose water and few drops of tea tree oil instant glow to your skin

    Lastly drink atleast 3 litres of water everyday and see the difference 🙂

  2. Hey Anu,
    This is what i did for my wedding and it really worked. So happy happy suggesting this to you:

    1) Tea tree face wash from Oriflame. Though i am using the body shop one now
    2) Also do steaming relegiously before anytime you do a face pack. It will open up pores and reduce the blimishes efectively.
    3) Carry blotting papers with you all the time and keep removing excess oil from your t zone. This will keep oiliness at bay.
    4) My skin is sooper dooper oily so any amount of face pack i do will not leave my skin dry.This is the routine i followed, Multani matti pack on moday, ayur neem pack on wednesday, ayur orange pack on friday and ayur rose pack on sunday. It gave a great glow and deprived me of oiliness and blemishes.

    1) Drink water, drink water and keep drinking water! There is no suppliment to this mantra for glowing skin
    2) I washed my face thrice a day before and after steping into the sun and once in between.
    3) I gymed like hell for 2 hrs a day! I myself am rolling my eyes at this!
    4) My family’s hobby is to feed anyone and everyone with the highest calorie food available and being the wedding girl i knew i wouldnt be sapred. SO went on stict fruit diet for a month before marriage. Of course i broke it on the occaional flings with my then fiancee now hubby darling! Of course this step is absolutely optional but as an additional benefit i got a great great glowing skin! But please take a rational call!

    And most importantly if ppl are smirking at your efforts please tell them it is your business to look beautiful on your d day and you will take care of it!

  3. Congrats anu.. Eat lots of fruits and drink loads of water.. Thats secret no. 1.
    Secret no. 2.. Be happy n do not worry about ur skin and figure.. Just take good care n u will be fine..
    Secret no. 3.. Parita suggested the homemade green tea and lavender toner.. I swear by it completely..
    Fourthly.. I swear by lacto calamine classic.. 5-10 minute massage every night before bed helps in clearing up my face like magic.. Everytime i get lazy n stop doing it i see some zits n pimples here n there.. With regular use of lacto calamine my skin looks and feels good all the time.. Like u i have sensitive oily acne prone skin n had my face full of breakouts on my wedding day 🙁 post marriage n imbb i learmt how to take care n get rid of the marks 😀
    try the tbs blue corn 3 in 1 face mask once a week.. Do a sensitive skin/aroma facial session at the parlor.. One session every 15 days for 2 months is ideal..
    And lastly.. Enjoi this time.. N make the most of the pampering and me time before ur special day 😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. thanx for posting my query Rati di…

    n Thanx a ton every one….

    will sure have lots of fruits and water from now….
    thanx again…
    love ya…

  5. hi, I am priya and i am getting married in upcoming feb 2014. i am 24 with golden fair skin, normal to dry. my skin has glow but i have little bit of tan on face as my hand & neck look fairer than my face. i use shahanaz hussain SPF 40 sunscreen and nature essence aleovera gel and neem-aleo face wash, rose toneer from lotus. and some times himalaya neem face pack. at bath time use lux peach cream body wash and olive oil and lotus coca butter moisturizer for hand and body. but still i bear that tan prob on face……………plz suggest me ……..some magical remedies………..that i shall look perfect that dreamy day……….plz plz plz

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