Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

By Shatarupa Roy

Hello beauties,

Eyes are probably the most appealing feature on one’s face and proper eye makeup can make or break a look. Today, I have come up with the breakup of the eye makeup I went for on my wedding day and with the celebration season coming in a month or so, this would come in handy for those gorgeous girls out there ready to sport a glamorous evening look, hope you all like it.

Products I Have Used:

Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Step 1: Prepare your eyes with the proper primer and concealer that suits your skin tone.Products from Elf and MAC have done wonders for me.

Step 2:  Start you makeup by using a golden eyeshadow and a flat brush, covering your eyelids evenly.

Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Step 3:  Then, apply red eyeshadow, preferably with shimmers towards your outer lid and crease as shown in the image.

Step 4:  You can use a flat tip brush, many use angled brush also for applying black eyeshadow towards the outer corners of you eyes, drawing a sharp defined angle, refer to the image.

Step 5:  Blend all three of them well using a blending brush so as there are no sharp ends.  MAC has great brushes and if you want anything inexpensive, you can go for Colorbar brushes.

Step 6:  Apply gel liner on your lower lash line with an angled brush and use a brown eyeshadow 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone to smudge the liquid liner with the help of a smudge brush, refer to the picture for help.

Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Step 7:  Apply golden eyeshadow to the inner corners once again for that dash of glamour, make sure not to overdo it and overshadow the other colors.

Step 8:  Apply eyeliner, preferably pencil liners for defining your upper eye lid.

Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

Step 9:  Apply two to three coats of mascara on you upper and lower lashes.

Step 10:  Get ready for compliments.

Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

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16 thoughts on “Bridal Eye Makeup in 10 Easy Steps

  1. Well Penned down Jomol 🙂
    Hats off to you for this lovly and excellent post. Bookmarked.. Cheers!!!

    P.S: I am unable to see emoticons 🙁

  2. wooow you look gorgeous .. and hats for such a nice eye makeup look 🙂 i always wanted to apply something like that but did not know how 🙁 thanks for such a detailed tut 🙂

  3. Shatarupa… U make a lovely bride… And this post is superb… Thnk u… A bit late for me since m already married… But can copy them for any wedding and compete with the bride… P.s. Me too missing the emoticons since two days

  4. saw your wedding album pictures…. you were looking really very nice…. how i wish i could mange to do such a nice eye make up… but i am very bad at applying eye make up!! 🙁

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