Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Your City: Ask IMBB

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Jomol Asks:

Hey Everyone,

Can you name the best bridal makeup artist in your town/city, the one who is most sought after. Of course, you can give us more than one options 🙂

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52 thoughts on “Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Your City: Ask IMBB

    1. They are located very close to South Calcutta Girls College. Charges vary depending on which package you opt for. Hope that helps 😀

        1. Preeti… You just give a try to Aashmeen Munjal. You will not regret. She has several ranges for bridal. But, you can go for anyone that she does herself. THE BEST.
          Good Luck 🙂

        2. Preeti….give a try to Aashmeen Munjal. She is the best. She has several ranges of makeup. Opt anyone that she does herself, don’t go for assistants.
          Good Luck 🙂

  1. I am from Kottayam, Kerala. TherevBest Bridal Makeup is done at Unique beauty parlour. They made my wedding also colourful and memoriable ……… 🙂

  2. i think “China parlour” located at rd no 10 Banajra hills is the best parlour for bridal makeup in Hyderabad, they also have a service through which come at ur place and do the makeup with a slight more charge…i got my engagement ,marriage and reception all done there..they gave 3 different looks for 3 occasions…

  3. Pretty Face in Panampilly Nagar, Cochin – this is affordable
    Or Live in Style by Shobha Kunjan – expensive, they do for most of the celebrities.

  4. hey.. the best parlour is Spa treat nikki bawa.. in Bhopal for kinds of occasion specially bridal both for gents and ladies. 🙂

  5. Fringes & Curls parlour in lucknow….my mom got her 25th anniversary make-up done from there and my friend also got make-up done from there for her engagement,chunni,wedding and reception…she looked no less than a goddess…

  6. please suggest a good free lance make up artist in mayur vihar/noida for my bridal makeup! some1 who’s not into over the top make up styles!!

  7. But the problem with La Femme is tht Nimmi shereef is not available most of the times. So one has to be satisfied with her assistants who do ok work

  8. Hi Vaibhavi and Zohra, I am from Delhi but one of my Mumbaiya friend Sheetal Chandani is very good makeup artist and hair stylist especially in Bridal. She reside at Khar in Mumbai and can come to your place if you appoint her. Currently she is doing Lakme Fashion Week. Her contact detail is 9769750611 or bb pin 2A57A434. Good Luck

  9. Hi. My friend Sam is absolutely the best freelance makeup artist & human being i’ve come across. So far I have recommended her to 3 friends and they also share my view. She is in gurgaon and can be reached at 9910044659

  10. I did lot of research during my wedding which happened during April 2012. I wanted to go for MAC, but they do only face and charge 10k. I wanted someone who can do my hair and saree as well.
    So, I went to someone called Gauri Kapoor in Bangalore. She charged me 18K :(( for facemakeup + Hair + Saree draping. I had to go to her place and get ready. If she has to down come to ur place, she was charging around 25-30 K :O . Makeup was good. Hair looked nice when she did, But later all the curls started loosening up (I have wavy hair which can hold curls very well). Saree draping could have been better. Hope this helps ..

  11. Chndni singh is no doubt the best makeup artist in delhi.but she charges too mch..i mean 30,000 for each function . My budgt is only 15k for the engagment.i dont want to go.for vidya and ambica..dey use too much color nd shiner. I dont want to luk safed bhutni…please suggest some one realy good for makeup near jnkpuri

  12. Yar shadi ke bhi kitne jhmle hai bygod…itne makeup artist h delhi trial lete lete hi pagal ho jao…oh god help me..please do sugest simple sa sober ya light day makeup kre…not dat extreme lippa pottii…

  13. hello friends…….I m from sirsa, a city of haryana. Rani is the best makeup artist in sirsa….The best things about her is dat she gives personal attention to the brides nd she also gives ‘Shagun’ to each bride.

  14. *Pooja Gupta is specialist in making aware of Rich and Glamours Bridal
    Makeup and Grooming .

    *Pooja Gupta is a professional and experienced make-up artist whose work has
    been recognized both locally and nationally, and is now considered the
    LEADER & EDUCATOR in the World of Makeup Art. As her reputation has
    grown, so has her huge fan base and many continue to follow her progress .

    *Pooja opened a Mekeup Lesson And Self Grooming Training Classes where she
    used her teaching skills and love for hair and beauty to help dedicated and
    passionate individuals who want to Look Gorgeous .

  15. can someone suggest whether Renuka Pillai is good?
    During my short research on the web i have found Angelina Joseph (too pricey 50000/-), Ashmeen Munjal, Ambika Pillai the most commendable make up artists in the Delhi area. But absolutely confused!! please suggest which one to go for .. i am a bengali and wearing a light weight contemporary benarasi saree but willing to get bollywood style/ dramatic makeup.
    Any suggestions will be much appreciated!
    many thanks in anticipation

  16. Hey plz suggest me Best Make-up artist for my marriage in hisar(haryana) or anyone who can provide their service in hisar.

  17. Lucky (Ali Gupta) is the best artist currently available in Lucknow.He currently working with The Body Care & Cure Lucknow

  18. In Varanasi, it is vlcc. My friend got their bridal and pre-bridal package and they had done amazing makeup for both engagement and wedding!

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