Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel Review

Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel Review

Hi lovely ladies,

Today, I am going to review a cucumber gel which I got a few months back. Since we have pretty long winters in this part of the country where I stay, I was postponing the use of this gel (cucumber to me means freshness and coolness), but with the onset of summers, I have used it for quite some time and narrating my experience in this post.  Please read on further to find out how this product fared and yes my skin type is oily and acne prone.


Product Description:

Brihans Cucum White Gel is made with organically grown farm fresh cucumbers. It is another of nature’s wonder as a powerful aid in treating several skin problems. Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a natural source of Erepsin, Proteolytic Enzymes, Vitamins B1 and C.

It is known to be wonderful in treating puffy and tired eyes and many kind of skin eruptions like eczematic freckles, black heads, wrinkles, dryness of face. Brihans Cucum White Gel is also extremely soothing and imparts cooling effect on skin.


Cucumber Juice 20% w/w


INR 80 for 125 gm.


My Take on Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel:

I shall start with the packaging first, it comes in a transparent plastic jar with a white-colored screw cap. The jar packaging is considered unhygienic by many since you have to dip in your fingers every time you want to use the product. Apart from that, the packaging seems travel friendly as it does not leak or spill. Coming to the product, it is a transparent gel-like liquid which has a thick viscosity. A small quantity is required to apply as a layer on the face. It does not get absorbed easily and after a few hours, the layer still remains intact, so it is advisable to use the same during night time.


I did not notice a great cooling sensation post its application, which I was expecting going by the claims.  I have also not noticed any decrease in my dark circles; however, puffiness owing to tiredness has been taken care of well by this gel. My blackheads on the nose haven’t reduced, but the acne seem to be subsiding, the product has not broken me out. The skin feels softer in the morning when I get up post its application at night. The gel has a strong fragrance which subsides (does not vanish) after 20 minutes or so and has a shelf life of 3 years which makes me skeptical of its all natural claims. Also, the full ingredients list is not mentioned.

Cucumber gel

Summarizing the pros and cons:

Pros of Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel:

  • Makes skin softer.
  • Helps in reducing puffiness.
  • Dried pimples seem to be subsiding.
  • Does not break out.

Cons of Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel:

  • Full ingredients list is missing.
  • Jar packaging may be unhygienic for many.
  • Does not reduce blackheads and dark circles as claimed.
  • Artificial fragrance may be a problem for sensitive noses.
  • A little sticky if more of the quantity is applied.

Will I Repurchase Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel?

Not really, will look for something which provides a good cooling sensation.

IMBB Rating:


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17 thoughts on “Brihans Cucum White Pure Cucumber Gel Review

  1. Hello, do you think it is good enough to be used as night gel for the acne marks..actually I was thinking of buying this one in my next shopping and you’d reviewed it… 🙂

  2. I’ve seen this in my local shop so many times and have been tempted to pick it up! Good I didn’t. But I love Brihan’s aloe vera gel, works amazing on my skin 🙂
    Nice review Shivani! And I am so jealous of your winters :X It’s blazing hut all the time in Chennai!

      1. I have also heard good reviews about the aloe vera gel, might try that…The grass is alwaz greener on the other side Abinaya 🙂 we get such chilly winters here n crave for summers.

  3. I was wondering about this product when I saw it on one of the online shopping websites. I will skip it now. Thank you for the review.

  4. I use this as an under eye gel during summers and it works wonders for me. I keep it in the fridge for added cooling effect and I love it! Cheap and works better than those costly and utterly useless under eye creams from Lotus, Himalaya and Biotique that I wasted my money on. As Shivani said, every product works differently on different skins.

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