Brilliant Beauty Tips for College-Going Girls

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So, the festivities have finally ended and I could find some time to be back on IMBB. Recently my cousin visited us. She is a college-going girl staying in our city. She came to visit us for her holidays. I was really impressed by the way she has groomed herself over these few years. Having less time and a limited source of income in the form of pocket money from parents, college- going girls sometimes find it difficult to stay tuned to the latest fashion and beauty trends. They keep looking for some tips and tricks that are affordable and time saving.

So today I am going to share few beauty tips for teenagers and college goers which will be light on their pockets and at the same help them stay naturally beautiful!

Brilliant Beauty tips for College going girls1

So let’s begin girls!

• Vaseline petroleum jelly can be of great rescue for girls. It can be used on dry lips to soften them, can be used on top of matte lipsticks to give them a glossy finish. It can also be used as an eye make up remover!

Brilliant Beauty tips for College going girls2

• If you can’t shampoo every day and cannot afford a dry shampoo, then don’t break your heart. I have a trick for you all! You can use baby powder on unwashed hair to get rid of excess oil. Since baby powder is made for babies, it has comparatively less chemicals that can harm your delicate hair!

Brilliant Beauty tips for College going girls3

• You can make use of your blush even on your eyelids. It works well as an eye shadow. So your blush can serve two-in-one purpose.
• If you can’t afford too many lipsticks, then you can make your tinted lip balms using eye shadows which you don’t use and mixing them in plain lip balm or Vaseline. Mixing with Vaseline will give a glossy lip color.

Brilliant Beauty tips for College going girls4

• You can use a bit of lip color on your eye lids for the effect of a creamy shadow.
• Use a multipurpose eye pencil that can be used as a kajal as well as an eyeliner. Use that pencil and smudge with your fingers for a Smokey effect.
• Try and stick to home remedies for skin care as skin is prone to acne at this tender age. You can use honey and oatmeal mask to get clear acne free skin.
• Use natural exfoliators and face packs with items easily available in you kitchens.
• Use natural and affordable toners like rose water and cucumber water.
• Mix different lip colors to form a new shade.
• Don’t invest on cream eye shadows. You can use a wet brush on your powder shadow to give a creamy look.
• If you have stained nails from using dark colored nail polish, then rub them with lemon halves to remove stains. Also, use base coat before applying dark polishes.
• Don’t want to cut your tresses but create a different look? You can you’re a different side parting or just get some flicks to change your look.

Brilliant Beauty tips for College going girls

• You can tame any flyaways using a little bit of moisturizer and running your fingers through flyaway hair.
• Most important tip is to drink lots and lots of water to stay hydrated and keep your skin young.

Always invest in good quality products. You can compromise on quantity but never compromise on the quality.

Hope these tips will help you girls out there!

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