Brush Egg : The Craziest Awesomest Makeup Brush Cleanser Ever!

brush egg review

Claims : The brush egg is made of hard silicone and fits snugly in the palm of your hand. Use this accessory to wash your brushes and get it clean all the way to the base of the hair.
Swirl the wet and shampooed brush in circular movements over the ridges of the egg to get all product removed. You may also hook the base of the brush to the ridges and wiggle the brush to remove embedded dirt.
Use the smaller brushes on the little nubs to remove eyeshadow or liquid eyeliner. Just rinse the egg under clean water and let it dry. Do not put it in direct sunlight.
Price : Rs 900
Available at Amazon

My Experience with Brush Egg
I can’t even tell you how excited I am to share this product with you all. 😀 I was randomly browsing amazon the other day and I came across this brush cleanser. I thought I’d give it a try. Plus I was a bit tired of rubbing my brushes on my palm and cleaning them. Also, I clean my brushes quite often so it always feels like a task.
This brush egg is a little empty egg shaped brush cleanser. There is a space to put your two fingers in it and it kind of fits and does not move. You wet the brush egg a little, put a little baby shampoo on top of the patterned surface, wet your brush and rub it on the brush egg. Wash your brush with water and it is cleannnnn!! Your brush basically gets a little scrubby yet soft surface to get a deep clean bath. In case of foundation brushes that have very stubborn stains, I suggest that you put a little shampoo on the bristles itself and then scrub it on the brush egg. And if the stain still does not go away, you still have your palm to get your brush squeaky clean. But other than that it cleans all your eye makeup and face makeup brushes spectacularly.

I love that it comes in various colors.
It also has two patterns. For really stubborn stains or smaller brushes you can use the top of the brush egg.
It air dries completely. I just let it air dry along with my brushes.
It does not lose its shape.
It is very convenient and easy to carry around.
The edges of the brush egg do not hurt your fingers.
If you are not comfortable holding it with your fingers, you can also hold the whole thing with your palm. It does not slip or slide and fits well on the palm.
It prevents your hands from getting very dry as opposed to when you’d wash your brushes using your palm.
A must have for everyone. 😀
Rating : 5/5

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14 thoughts on “Brush Egg : The Craziest Awesomest Makeup Brush Cleanser Ever!

  1. I have seen so many bloggers and YouTubers rave about it but I never got to try it, now that it’s Rati-approved I will get one for myself! 😀 😀 xx

  2. I bought this just a couple of days ago Rati! I haven’t used it yet though, cause I hate washing my makeup brushes 😐 I can imagine how many brushes you’d have to wash and how long it would take you! Brb – rushing to wash my makeup brushes on the brush egg now 😀

    1. I am such a brush cleaning freak. Plus since I keep doing makeup looks, I hate it when the colors don’t come true with dirty brushes. actually the most annoying was my hands getting so dry after all the rubbing and yes I have too many brushes to wash in one go so.. 🙁 This just has made life so much easier. 😀 happy washing. 😛

  3. This looks easy to travel with also! I was just telling my friend, the other day, how things like Sigma glove, Benjabelle table are all great ideas with decent execution. However, the pricing is so off n such a deterrent in people being able to buy them. Atleast, this one is easier on the pocket!

  4. I love it too. Bought it from Amazon in pink color. Have used it twice only. But my daughter loves it even more. She is always trying to use it as a finger puppet.

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