Bucket List for Couples

Hi ladies,
There are hell lot of things that you can do other than going for a dinner at a restaurant or watching a movie together. There are some things that a couple should do at least once in their life if not more! Here is a list of all those little things that you can try to do together.
couple bucket list

1. Go tech-free for an entire 24 hours:

Don’t use any electrical gadgets for a day be it laptop, televisions or your phone! Completely shut yourselves from all the distractions and just enjoy each other’s company. You could go wandering around the city or you could just be at home all day talking to each other!

2. Write each other a handwritten letter:

Handwritten letters are physical memory that can stay with you for a lifetime. I am pretty sure in today’s age and world, you have never written a letter to anyone let alone your spouse! Go back to some old school romance and share your feelings via a handwritten love letter.

3. Get to know your city better:

explore the city
You have your list of favourite restaurants in the city, you frequent some malls and you go to some chosen movie halls for a movie night but what about the rest of the city? Set a day where you can explore those nooks and corners of your city with your guy. You can go to museums, adventure parks, any historical sites or you can even go clubbing! Just go to any place where you wouldn’t go normally with him on a regular day.

4. Get a Couples Massage:

We all talk about how intimate couples massage can be and how we should try them but not many couples really go for couple massages. Well this is the time to book yourself and your partner a luxury massage time! If you don’t want go outside then you can always opt for the same in the comfort of your home.

5. Recreate Your First Date:

Not many of us actually go to the trouble of recreating all the memories attached to the first date. You can try doing it on any random day or those special anniversary or birthday dates. Duplicate everything from the dresses, choice of meal and even the same makeup. Nostalgia will hit you both in a good way!

6. Try an adventure sports together:

The thrill and adrenaline rush of jumping from a cliff (with a harness ofcourse!) or scuba diving with your partner can bring you so much closer as a couple. Try doing them for a change and you will love all the excitement that comes with it.

7. Join hobby classes together:

Choose one thing or a hobby that you do together as a couple. It could be anything from painting, dance classes, and reading to trying out couples’ yoga.

8. Take a road trip together:

road trip
Road trips are always fun with your friends or with your partner. Don’t plan your destination and enjoy the journey with your partner. You will be able to explore so many things about your partner as well the place you are visiting.

9. Cook together:

Make it a pact and try to cook a proper meal together at least once a week. Cooking together can be a great bonding exercise for couples. You can decide the menu beforehand and just have fun with each other as you cook a delicacy together.

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