47 thoughts on “Best Budget Lip Balm : Ask IMBB

    1. :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: :hihi: this is not only for aruna, kabhi kabhi mujhe bhi zarurat padti hai.. :shying: :shying: :shying: :shying:

  1. balms-maybelline(good hydration,but the strawberry fragnance is too much for me),lotus,lipice(moderate hydration.love the tingling n cooling effect 😀 )
    butters-himalaya n fabindia fruity vanilla :waytogo: :waytogo:

  2. Labello LipBalms! I love them and they have a real good pink tint to them and come in gloss shines as well. Pretty cheap too. 🙂

  3. himalaya lip balm is smwher arnd 25 tube while thick formula for very dry lips comes in tub packaging for 110 rs… they r just sufficient for lip care… but they wont giv u any color… :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth

  4. Um…all my lip balms are budget lip balms so… :blush: :blush: :blush:
    Maybelline,Lotus Herbals,Nivea,Lip Ice,Himalaya,and apna Vaseline. :preen: :shying:

  5. I’ve never had chapped lips in my life. Dry lips, sure, sometimes, but chapped? Never. Until recently, that is. :((
    And surprisingly, the lipbalm I bought a month ago turned out to be one of the best things EVER for my lips! Neutrogena all the way! :yahoo:
    It has completely repaired my lips, and now they’re back to being soft even without any lip balm on, like how they were before. And it isn’t the least but waxy, and is definitely inexpensive, and I feel it stays on for longer when compared to other lip balms. Of course, that could be just because I love it so much, that I’m trying to find new things to praise it for. :toothygrin:
    But seriously, Neutrogena!!!

  6. I dont like heavy balms like vaseline….my lips feel like they cant breate :sidefrown: though they are gud for repair….. I am currently using oriflame lip balm…I dont know if it can be called a budget lipbalm…it costs around 180/- but my ever-prone-to-chapping lips have actually stopped drying at all…..so I am very happy 🙂

  7. blisters… I don’t think its available in India. got it from US. best lip balm ever!
    leaves ur lips soft. lips dont get dry. every other lip balm that i have ever tried( vaseline, lakme, nivea, body shop etc) keep lips moist just for some time and then the balm comes off leaving them white.
    blisters works like rich natural cream. plus its available in nice flavors.. i use the berry one. its medicated, u may not like the smell but its worth it. i got it for 3 US dollars.

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