Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Review

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Today, I am here to share my views about My Burberry Black Parfum, another unique addition to my Burberry collection. It’s one of the best and most long-lasting alluring scents I have used from the house of Burberry. Read on to know more.

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Review

Price: US$ 95 for 50 ml
Product Description:
Introducing My Burberry Black. A new fragrance joining the My Burberry collection, it follows the same codes of craftsmanship, innovation and appreciation of the iconic Heritage Trench Coat. An intense and sensual reinterpretation by renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian and Christopher Bailey, My Burberry Black travels back to a London garden amidst a gathering storm; heavy rain contrasting with the warm and captivating flora. The fragrance fuses the scent of sun-drenched jasmine flower and peach nectar with a touch of rose. This signature rose note at the heart of My Burberry is given a sweet and inviting candied twist, while rich amber patchouli rounds off the scent for a deep and captivating finish. The rich, amber-coloured bottle is finished with a hand-tied black gabardine knot and set with a dark, elevated horn-look lid, inspired by the buttons of the Burberry trench coat.

Floral, Sexy, Intimate.
Sun-drenched Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Candied Rose, Amber Patchouli.

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Bottom

The amber coloured scent is packaged in a rectangular bottle with tinted glass. It has a golden coloured spray pump and a dual coloured, button-shaped cap. The cap’s design pays tribute to Burberry’s trench coat buttons. A black coloured gabardine knot has been hand-tied around the neck of the bottle. This rich and luxurious looking bottle is packaged in a black coloured cardboard box, which has a golden coloured bow in the front; all details are mentioned in a golden coloured font on the bottle. The packaging is travel-friendly.

My Experience with Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum:

I received My Burberry Black Parfum as a surprise gift from someone very special. Let me take a deep sigh! I was so thrilled and excited. I had already used the rollerball version of this perfume and was under the wrong impression that it is a limited edition perfume. Hence, I never bothered to buy a full-size, thinking I may not be able to review it on IMBB.

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Bottle on White Background

So, let’s begin with my views. It’s a lovable, adorable, beautiful, rich, luxurious, alluring and seductive perfume. The floral notes of sun-drenched jasmine and peach nectar fuse with a sensual touch of rose to open the perfume. At heart, the iconic rose gives a sweet and enticing twist with rich and seductive amber-patchouli at the base for a captivating finish.

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Cap

The silage of this perfume is too good, especially when it comes in contact with skin. The lasting power is extremely good. On my outfits, it lasts till the outfit is washed; and on my skin, it lasts almost eight to ten hours and even more. This one lasts really long and performs well on my skin. It gels well with my body chemistry and emits a beautiful scent to entice my senses.

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Bottle

I spray it on my wrist, near my earlobes, neck and collarbone. Even after washing my hands with water and soap, this scent does not vanish. In fact, water does the job of adding fuel to fire by making some notes more prominent. My chain, which I wear around my neck, smells of this perfume for two to three days. In fact, for testing purpose, I sprayed it on the lower ends of my hair and this scent stayed for three days, that is until I shampooed my hair.

Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum Open

It’s a floral, sensual, alluring perfume, wherein the notes take me for an aromatic ride from where I do not want to return. I want to keep smelling the same for days and days. It’s an absolutely rich and luxurious scent which totally pampers my senses. This enticing scent is appropriate for special occasions, evening outings and dinner dates.

Pros of Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum:

• Rich, luxurious, sensual perfume.
• Silage is too good on outfits and skin.
• Lasting power is extremely good.
• Rich and luxurious packaging.
• Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum:

• None.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Burberry My Burberry Black Parfum?
A definite yes to both.

Thanks and cheers!

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