Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl – Jet Black No.01 Review

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How are you feeling today? I am pretty happy as its the second day of my fasting (I am fasting during the Navratre festival).  Also, I am trying to synchronize my attire with the days of Navratre. Let’s see how long I can fast with the blessing of mata rani. By the way, I am also here to review my first purchase from the brand “Burberry” for you. I am obsessed with kohl liners and our Indian attire is incomplete without kohl-rimmed eyes, right? Moreover, after Rati reviewed the Burberry Poppy Black pencil, I knew I had to get this, and finally I bought the Burberry Kohl Liner just before the festive season to go along with my Indian outfits. Let’s read more about Burberry Jet Black No. 1 Effortless Blendable Kohl Multi-Use Crayon.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

$30 for 0.07 Oz, excludes shipping and tax.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

Product Description:
Introducing Effortless Blendable Kohl. A versatile, intensely pigmented crayon that can be used as a kohl, liner and smokey eye pencil. A creamy formula that glides on effortlessly and draws with make-up artist precision, the buildable kohl easily blends and smudges onto the eyelids to create a mistake-proof smokey eye. Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, it can also be used on the waterline for added intensity.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

My Experience with Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl – Jet Black No.01:

The jet black crayon comes in wooden pencil with a tight fit cap and a sharpener too. For me, if a sharpen-able pencil comes with a sharpener, it’s always a bonus. Overall, I find the product quite user friendly and travel friendly.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

Talking about the shade “Jet Black No 1,” it is a deep black color and comes out so softly on the eyes.  It certainly belongs to the category of deep dark black kohl liners that provide intense color payoff in just one swipe. However, I swipe it twice to achieve a more intense and even finish. I love the way it glides on my eyes with buttery soft texture. It’s creamy enough to impart an intense black kohl effect on my waterline as well as over the eye with no tugging or pulling while it is stiff enough to create continuous lines at one go without any clumpy finish.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

In fact, the tip remains pointed for up to 7 uses.  I haven’t sharpened it since two weeks and I wear it every single day, how cool is that? Since it is a kohl pencil, it has a tendency to smudge after a few hours, but that’s fine with me, as long as it gives me the pretty “kohled rimmed” look. I have tried sporting Bengali winged eyes as well and also tried tightlining with this crayon, and it has never failed me even once. I totally swear by its mistake-proof claim apart from vouching for its effortless blending and creamy texture.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

Like any other kohl, it tends to fade away quickly from the waterline and I need to re-apply it after the first hour. After that, it sets down to a more intense, fade proof and long lasting finish, which stays put for up to 5-6 hours, even longer.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

The extremely gentle formula is safe enough for waterline as it does not sting or cause watery eyes unlike other kohl pencils.  It gets easily removed with soap and water and with gentle eye makeup remover without hurting the eyes. I do see some kohl around the outer corner of eyes and that fades away by the morning, and it’s not much of a bother.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

Overall, I really find it one of the best kohl crayon for its staying power, intense color pay off, gentle formula, and creamy blendable texture and that makes it a must-have for everyone. It’s a multi-use product that can be used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner, but I haven’t mustered the courage to wear it under the eyeshadow, but one day, I may, who knows? I am definitely getting it again because it is worth the price.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl – Jet Black No.01:

  • An intense jet black shade for softer yet deeper kohl-rimmed eyes.
  • Creamy enough to effortlessly glide on the waterline as well as eyelids without getting clumpy.
  • I manage to get precise lines in just one attempt, without any tug or pull.
  • The pointed tip stays for up to 7 uses; I haven’t sharpened it up since two weeks.
  • Does not smudge easily.
  • You might need to touch it up after the first hour, but from there on, it’s good for 5 to 6 hours.
  • Gentle enough for waterline, does not sting or cause watery eyes.
  • Quite an user friendly and travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl – Jet Black No.01:

  • Personally, I like retractable packaging.

Well honestly, the superb pigmentation, extreme gentle texture, formula, and overall finish justify the price. I have extremely sensitive eyes, hence I am choosy about kohl liners and this is one of those rare eye products which works like a charm for me. I am definitely getting it again.

IMBB Rating:

PS: I attempted a Bengali makeup look on the second day of navratre, used this crayon as kohl on the eyes.

Burberry Effortless Blendable Kohl

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  1. Neets, I have my eyes on MAC smolder, it smudges but gives intense dark look. You look so lovely in your bengali avtaar, love that saree you are wearing and of course Aadya *mwaah*

    1. acha I will see mac smolder also then 🙂 Coz I always need atleast 2-3 kajals at a time. Thank u jomol for ur appreciation <3

  2. you look so gorgeous neetu. i absolutely love this eye pencil. i need to find my sharpener though. :(( loved your simple eye makeup and aadya is adorable. :-*

    1. I can imagine ur situation coz I also often place this teeny beauty sumwhere and keep on searching wen it is most needed 😛 lol But yeah I m always messy so it is expected 🙂 thank u for ur kind appreciatiion rati 🙂 it always motivates me to attempt explore and share everything I learn thru IMBB or experiences 🙂

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