Burberry Eye Definer Midnight Brown No 2 Review, Swatch

burberry eye definer midnight brown 2 review

Claims : Burberry Eye Definer enhances and intensifies your natural eye colour
Formulated using natural conditioning waxes and emollient oils, Burberry Eye Shaping Pencils glide on effortlessly to highlight the eye colour and shape

Water resistant and long-wearing

Price : USD 27 / Rs 1700 approx

Available in 7 shades.

Burberry eyeliner

My Experience with Burberry Eye definer Pencil in Midnight Brown No 2

Mostly when I am trying out products from a new brand, I always pick up a black eye pencil. I wear black eyeliners a lot and I am always able to use them till the end. But when I found this brown shade from burberry quite interesting.

Midnight brown No 2 is a taupe brown color with golden shimmer. You know how sometimes you want those bedroom eyes kind of look, this is that kind of a color. Not black but not brown..sort of natural and soft. I would say that this color may not be everyone’s cup of tea. One because some people like their eye pencils to be very rich an intense. It is not that kind of a color. It is pigmented for the color it is but don’t expect it to be a deep chocolaty brown color that would give you rich-intense color in one swipe. I think the name eye-definer is actually correct for this.It sort of defines the eyes without being over the top. That said, this color may even fail to show up on dusky skin tones.

It is a square shaped sharpenable pencil. I love sharpenable pencils mostly because I always like to work with the fresh tips. Plus I find them more hygienic than the twist-up eye pencils. The square shape is interesting but you always have to be precise while closing the cap. Minor gripe… very minor. 😛

It’s a soft creamy pencil that does not cause any tugging or pulling on the eye lids. It is very gentle on the waterline as well. I love creating those soft smokey eyes with this pencil.

The staying power I’d say is average. there is a certain slip in this pencil so that makes it a perfect product for creating smudgy natural eye makeup looks. On waterline the color pretty much disappears after 4 hours. So I mostly carry this eye pencil with me whenever I use it.. It does not smudge or smear as such. On upper lash line as well, I mostly set it with an eyeshadow and a pencil brush.

Personally I enjoy using these kind of pencils because on most days I like my eye makeup to be a bit smudged. But I wouldn’t call this a perfect eye pencil. For those who are looking for more a ‘definition’ for their eyes, it’s a great product. It kinda makes a perfect product for people like my mom who is very fair and any eyeliner looks harsh on her. So this soft understated kind of eyeliners is what she always looks out for.

Comes with its own sharpener, which is awesome!

Very interesting product and I personally love it despite its shortcomings. 🙂

If you are looking for a richer version of this pencil, MAC Teddy is a great one.

Rating : 4/5

burberry eye definer midnight brown review, swatch burberry-eye-shaping-pencil Burberry eye shaping pencil brown


Swatch :

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 1.16.54 pm

Sharpener : burberry sharpener burberry-sharpener-review

Bedroom eyes 😀


Makeup Breakdown :

Burberry Fresh Glow BB Cream, NARS Concealer, Burberry Eye Kohl smudged with a matte brown eyeshadow, Gucci Blush Soft Peach, MAC Whirl Lip Pencil, Bobbi Brown Lipstick Warm Beige

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9 thoughts on “Burberry Eye Definer Midnight Brown No 2 Review, Swatch

  1. I too have lots of black eyeliners, but am never able to use them till the end. 😛 I like experimenting with different colored eyeliners too, with purple being my favorite. However, I do have a soft corner for brown liners too for when I want subtle, smokey effect like the way you have created it.

    How do you keep your hair frizz free? Would love to know your hair care routine. 🙂

  2. love your nude makeup! and the cut of the pencil is soooo cute like those flat pencils we have for shading in school

  3. I love sporting a natural yet something there makeup look, similar to yours Rati. I am not a gloss fan so I ultimately go for a matte look. I really like the way you look Rati and I can never run out of eye pencils! I love them.. infact I have so many that I have a few liners which have been used just once 😛

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