Burberry Sport for Women Review

Burberry Sport for Women

During my shopping last month my hubby got this awesome perfume for me. I got the smaller bottle, as I was not very sure whether I would really love it as much as I do now. This perfume comes in a very cute and attractive packaging that could easily grab women who go for the packaging. I would say perfume is the only product, which I don’t end up buying only for the look. The fragrance matters a lot to me. I really can’t bear musk or powdery fragrances and also strong ones. I prefer fresh and fruity ones, in simple the summer editions.

Burberry Sport for Women


  • Top Notes – Mandarin, Ginger and Sea Salt
  • Middle Notes – Floral blend of Magnolia and Honeysuckle.
  • Base Notes – Musk and Cedar wood

Source :www.us.burberry.com

To give a brief idea about what these notes are all about [for people who have no idea about these fragrance notes].

Top Notes are nothing but the smell we get as soon as we apply or spray the perfume. We judge a perfume usually with their top notes. Citrus, cinnamon, eucalyptus fragrances are common top notes. The top notes usually tend to evaporate quickly. This is also referred to as head notes. This lasts only for few mins.

Middle Notes also referred to as heart notes forms the main body of the fragrance. We can usually smell the middle notes from few minutes to one hour after the application of the perfume. This smell can be felt while the top notes are dissipating slowly. For example floral, cardamom scents form middle notes.

Base Notes are usually felt while the middle notes are dissipating in 30 mins to an hour. Base and middle notes form the main fragrance of the perfume. The base notes evaporate very slowly when compared to top and middle notes. This is the fragrance that is left out while we travel back home or hit the sack. It is also referred to as solar notes. Musk and woody fragrances are common base notes.

I usually try a perfume while I enter a store and comfortably all major stores like Lifestyle have their perfume counters just near the entrance. I smell the perfume every now and then till I come back for billing. This would easily take an hour or two. So I can smell all the notes and at the same time see the lasting power of the fragrance as well. Surprisingly Burberry Sport for Men did not last long. By the time we were done with the shopping we actually forgot in which hand the perfume was sprayed. So my hubby didn’t get it for him, though the smell was equally good as the women’s.

Burberry Sport for Women
This perfume costs Rs.2010 for 30 ml.

When I spray this perfume the first impression I get about it is a floral fragrance that dominates the mandarin smell. Though it is not very fresh I really love this one. The smell lasts long until the day ends. The heart notes dominates the most and so you can have an idea what it would smell like. I really like this perfume and I regret for getting this small bottle now : (

Likes about  Burberry Sport for Women Perfume
Burberry Sport for Women

  • Packaging is super cute and attractive. Packed in red and white combination for women and red and black for men. Both looks equally good.
  • Available in almost all major perfume stores.
  • Available in 30 ml [if you are not very sure get this size] and 75 ml. The small one is Rs.2010 and the bigger one is Rs.3010.
  • I love the floral fragrance. I wouldn’t say it is very floral but a combination and hence this new mixture is very pleasant.
  • You get a cute red wristband with this bottle. You can see the band around the box. Sorry I forgot to take a picture of that separately.
  • It is not too heavy and at the same time it lasts long. This is one aspect I really like about it. I hate perfumes that has disturbingly heavy odour.
  • This is a new kind in my collection. I am a perfume freak and I stock heaps and heaps of perfumes with me. Most of my collection would be either super fresh summer ones or fruity fragrances. So this one is an odd one out but still I like it.

Dislikes about Burberry Sport for Women Perfume

  • No fruity fragrance as it is mentioned to have a mandarin top note. People who go for fruity fragrances will get disappointed, as you can’t smell it even the minute you spray it.
  • Price is a bit high when compared to the quantity given. I wouldn’t mind the price if the quantity is more. But since it is Burberry we can’t argue much about it.

Rating – :-* :-*:-*:-*

Would I buy it again? – Yes. I really love it and so does my hubby. 😉

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23 thoughts on “Burberry Sport for Women Review

  1. Will surely try this the next time I go to LS or Shoppers and if I like it it goes in my long list of perfumes 🙂

  2. Hey if you try it let me know how you liked it HD. Long list of perfumes !!!!! Glad to see a person like me here 😉

    1. I am sure I own much less perfumes thn wht u own…u seem like a perfume addict 😉 reminds me of a dear friend of mine!!

      My wish list is def long..which others do u hv??

  3. You know I have got cold today and for some reason I am not able to relate to any fragrance. I just can’t remember how smells are. :rotfl:

    The notes part is very useful and when my nose behaves itself again, I will check it out for sure. 🙂

  4. He he.. You forgot how smells are Rati. 😉 Take Care.
    I remember you saying that you are not a perfume person but if you get a chance try it and tell me whether you like it, I’ll get an idea about your taste for perfumes 🙂

    1. I like to have just one perfume with me and I don’t purchase another one until it gets over. I have to have a perfume because I like to smell good. I am not a fan or collector of perfumes. 🙂

      I will surely smell it when I can. 😛

      1. I really wish I can be like you in this aspect. I ve stocked up so many that sometimes I even forget that I have a particular perfume with me 🙁 Everyone around me keeps restricting me on buying perfumes but unfortunately this is one thing that I couldn’t give up. 🙁 The perfumes I have would easily last for another 5 years even if used everyday 😉

        1. Same goes for me when it comes to makeup.

          If I don’t buy a single thing this year and the next whole year, I’d still survive. But you know how it is….:P

            1. ok now u have an amalgamation of you two in me! :p

              Aarthi – btw thanks – i was wondering how this one was. I am quite a Burberry fan – the brand itself! Their Brit is one of my favs and have tried pretty much most of others – Weekend, London, Touch…

              If you like fruity, try Britney Spears Fantasy – its extra sweet; TBS has this japanese cherry blossom which is good too; In fact M&S has this range of EDTs (unfortunately very little EDPs) all around 1-2K – variety of fruity and florals. I have one which is of honeysuckle and jasmine and is quite nice for a casual wear.

            2. I haven’t tried M&S yet but I have tried the rest you have mentioned 😉
              Try this one and tell me how you liked it Gaea 🙂

  5. I have never bought perfume, the ones I have are gifted and will last me at least for next 10 years I think 😀 , I definitely give this a sniff next time Im at the Mall 🙂

      1. quite frankly I am yet to even open them, Red Door and Pretty by Elizabeth Arden, and a Pierre Cardin and a Paco Rabbonne, I hope their nice 🙂

        1. I really appreciate you Renuca. How could you even wait so patiently!!! By this time I would have tried everything. 😛

  6. Hey Aarthi, I had not checked Burberry till now…..and hey, I am a perfume person tooo….I love collecting perfumes….I like all smells excpet the musty and musky ones…so this one will work for me :yes: :yes:

    1. Wow.. List of perfume fans are getting bigger here 😉 You will love this one Jomol this perfume is not very musky 🙂

  7. Based on the previous comments which they have, this particular perfume has an exceptional fragrance which gives them a sweet smelling taste. And it’s not musky which means that it can be tolerated with some sensitive sense of smell.

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