Burt’s Bees Cherry Lip Shimmer Review

Burt’s Cherry Bees Lip Shimmer

By Pallavi G.

Hello Beautiful Ladies!!!

Today I am going to review Lip Shimmer from Burt’s Bees. This product is available in 14 shades -I don’t think all of them are available in India. “Cherry” is the shade I am reviewing here. I was looking for this brand for  a long time but as it was obvious it wasn’t easily available here in Delhi-NCR. Finally I found this in “Sephora” store in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon –wow!!



INR 600


2.6 g/ 0.09 oz

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burts bees lip balm ingredients

My Experience with Burt’s Bees Cherry Lip Shimmer:

I wanted to try this lip shimmer as I had heard a lot about Burt’s bees products and their effective lip care and face products. I, by default, have very dry lips, be it winters or summers, my lips are always chapped and feel very rough. I am just not a lippy person and lately I’ve been bored of using nude lip balms, glosses which are moisturizing but hardly give any color to my lips.


I have started with this shimmer and I must admit its worth every penny spent. Very light on lips, it gives a pretty shimmer to your lips and make them look naturally pink. It has peppermint flavor which I absolutely loved- as it gives a cooling sensation along with the flavor of mint cigarettes which we used to have as toffees in our childhood. It is also very highly pigmented, unlike the Maybelline baby lips series. In fact you might just have a little hard time to get the pigment off your lips if you have worn it for a long duration. So if you are game for some shimmer with good pigmentation, which is non-sticky and light on lips –this is THE product for you. I found this better than the NYX color lip balms as they sometime feel very heavy on lips and make your hair stick to it too.


The color and shimmer would stay on your lips for a good 3-4 hours if you are having a snack or two in between. I found it sufficiently moisturizing on my lips- like it made my lips really soft, smooth and supple. The good part was that this shimmer is not runny in texture and doesn’t transfer. I wear it on a daily basis and its pretty good for wearing in office too- as the shimmer is just adequate, wouldn’t really stand out but yes would definitely make your lips look moisturized and pink. All in all I found this Lip Shimmer a great product and it has now become a must -have for me. Soon, I am going to get all shades that are available in the market from this range and would be reviewing them too.


Pros of Burt’s Bees Cherry Lip Shimmer:

  •  Nicely pigmented.
  •  Light on Lips.
  • Non-sticky.
  •  Moisturizing.
  • Doesn’t transfer.

Cons of Burt’s Bees Cherry Lip Shimmer:

  •  Little expensive for the quantity one gets.
  • Availability can be a problem.

IMBB Rating:


Will I buy Burt’s Bees Cherry Lip Shimmer again?

Definitely, it’s just so good.

I hope this review will help all who are willing to try Burt’s Bees products. Catch you Ladies soon

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9 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees Cherry Lip Shimmer Review

  1. @ Nandini @Arpita @Swathi, thanks ladies 🙂 bdw its hardly been a year or so that Delhi NCR has got Sephora and all these awesome brands! This you may also be able to get online on amazon..do check.

  2. This is really nice and there isn’t that much shimmer in the product. I have picked up couple of their lip balms but never the shimmery one. I am bit leery of shimmers in lip products. But I am going to give this a try when I will go to Sephora next. 🙂 Btw does the shimmer spread?

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