Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract Review

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with white Tea Extract

Hi Friends..

Hope all of you are enjoying your days! We are also trying to keep calm while our baby is recovering from illness and anxiety thankfully. By the way, I am in a serious make up learning phase call it my stress busting trick or pre-wedding rehearsals. I am impatiently waiting to visit our home by end of this year to meet my father (top priority) apart from grabbing fantastic opportunity to attend not one, two but 4 weddings at one go including my own sis in law! And I need to master all looks and make up art before hitting my home land as everyone in my family knows about my passion and love for IMBB and they are literally expecting me to cure and sort out their skin care plus make up queries like Bobbi brown.. :P! I hope I will live up to their expectations apart from flaunting IMBB style and OOTDs on parties.. lol Hahh so did I also tell you I gained almost 10 lbs within 2 weeks apart from learning make up and shopping? I know height of anxiety and over eating..:P


Anyways, getting back to my review, this time I tried my luck with our well known and pretty adorable brand burt’s bees whose products are more or less price worthy and safe on skin. I picked up their white tea extract infused natural facial wipes sometime back and since then I like them for their mild and natural formulation which works pretty fine on my oily, acne prone plus weird sensitive skin. However, it does not seem the best match for sensitive skin gals. So, please read on further to know more about Burt’s bees facial cleansing towelettes with white tea extract..
Price: $5-$7 for 30 moist wipes, price varies store to store.

Packaging: These pre-moistened natural facial wipes are enclosed in safe and hygienic wrap with flip top opening. I can smell strong tea fragrance while opening the wrap as well as using on my face which might be a turn off for sensitive gals who are gravitated to sans fragrance. The wipes are pretty wide and big in general.

My Experience with Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes With White Tea Extract:

I have been using them regularly since few weeks and I must say that I pretty much liked them except the fact that they are certainly not meant for sensitive skin even though they are 99.01% naturally derived. I mean, it is an irony that these natural wipes are quite tricky on sensitive skin somehow and work well on oily, combination skin and I guess it may work well on normal/dry skin provided they follow up with moisturizer!


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I thank my stars and weather around as my skin is retaining its natural oily texture unlike initial weird skin days. Now, I can certainly enjoy all oily skin care products lol And this  is one such product which works good on my oily skin as of now. I am also relieved because I know it’s nearly 99% natural and hence I am not causing harm to my skin other than bearing few tingling and itching sessions which are very rare. Yes, it does sting a bit initially especially on sensitive, chemical treated skin.

I usually wear full face make up excluding bronzers & blushes though and I always love to use these wipes as a replacement of hectic CTM routine. It gently wipes away every trace of foundation, primer off my skin be it powdery, creamy or liquid make up. I did try radiance bronzer from Tarte a couple of times and this burts bees wipe effectively cleansed that glittery bronzer off my skin without leaving any hint of glitters. I feel pretty clean, light skin post usage apart from cleansed and toned pores without any hint of residue on my oily acne prone skin. Talking about its burning sensation, I did experience mild sensation once but it was way mild to bother me as I did not notice any sudden reddening or bumpy skin thankfully. It did not help me in clearing acne or blemishes but it certainly gives me clean , clear skin to keep dirt, oil at bay which in turn proves beneficial against future zits naturally. However, it is too much to expect from these wipes as these are meant for topical cleansing away make up and dirt and which they do quite effectively.


Moreover, I am bit relieved to observe that it never irritated my sensitive eye area, I also use these wipes for removing my eye makeup which often includes glitter eye liner, intense pigmented winged eye liner and/or mascara and it effectively removes every trace of eye makeup off my skin without ripping my skin. However, I agree that we need several gentle strokes to remove thick eye makeup but since I am not into heavy eye make yet so for me it does a good job that way! Comparing them to my previous alba botanica acne dote wipes, I would definitely prefer Burt’s bees wipes over the former for nearly natural formulation plus effective yet mild cleansing that too at a similar price. Over all I feel it is a bummer for dry, sensitive skin gals but for oily, combination including acne prone skin type gals it is exceptionally good! I would probably get it again for its natural formulation plus trustworthy results on my skin.


Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract

 Pre-moistened facial wipes formulated with nearly 99.01% natural ingredients
 The wipes are quite big and wide and usually cover my face and neck at one go
 They are quite effective in removing heavy face make up including foundation, primer, face powder, bronzers in few gentle strokes without tugging or pulling our sensitive facial skin
 I feel quite clean, toned and light skin post usage and I never used more than one wipe at a time
 It does not rip moisture off my skin
 It also removes moderate eye makeup comprising of glitter eye liner, thick winged eye liner and/or mascara effectively in few strokes without irritating or hurting sensitive eye area
 I also used it as refreshing wipe during day time and it never accentuated my acne issue on skin nor irritated my skin
 It works pretty fair on combination, oily skin including acne prone skin type gals
 They are formulated without parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals



Cons of Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes with White Tea Extract

• It is not ideal for dry, sensitive skin
• It’s strong fragrance might bother sensitive noses moreover.
• It might tingle or burn slightly on sensitive/dry skin though it’s rare on my oily skin
• I can see it’s formulated with benzyl alcohol, glycerin and soybean oils a bummer for gals who are sensitive to all these chemicals
• Being 99% naturally derived product it is quite disappointing for many gals that it may need several strokes to clear heavy eye make up .

As long as it is working well on my skin I would like to continue with it and get it again & again for it is natural and mild on my skin luckily. However, it is quite disappointing that it is a bummer for sensitive, dry skin gals in spite of its nearly natural formulation. I would like to give it 2/5 for sensitive, very dry skin while it is certainly 4.2/5 for oily, combination skin gals!

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  1. All the best for visit to home and India 🙂 so why daddy specifically? why not mom?
    and 10 lbs in 2 weeks *shock* i do the same, anxiety makes me hungry even in midnights, i start screaming i am hungry, hungry like my intestines are being cut inside *cry*
    anyways, great review but these aren’t for me *woot* and nice clicks, for me Jhonson’s baby wipes are best all year round. *hifive*

  2. Detailed review as always Neetu *haan ji* i am so happy aadhya is recovering *happy dance* waiting to see her pics, Neetu y don’t u try ole henriksen wipes? i heard lot of positive response. and neetu did u buy benefit they’re real push up liner from sephora today? it is not released yet, but pre release just for 24 hours only in sephora online, i got one luckily, it started 12 am pst, grab one before they go, i saw some videos and reviews, it is too good, highly raved. getting a product before release always makes me proud owner. Neetu how can i get ur number or email? If ur interested too.

    1. Visiting India, I too want to visit *cry* but can’t go bcz of visa problems, i came here immediately after marriage, its been 1 nd half yr, want to see mom n dad *cry*. Enjoy back to back marraiges, marriages are always fun and beauty for me

      1. Yeah marriages r so much fun.. I only remember last wedding event attended in india 3.5 yrs back ws my own probably. *hihi* thankfully my parents visited us meanwhile, I understand hw u must b feeling sravanthi… *puchhi*
        And great u bought that wing eye liner.. *woot* Ab to review awaiting… *specs* I just read that sephora mail, lets see hw soon I will get it… *happydance* u r definitely their proud customer n owner of first come first user sravanthi.. *clap* *clap*
        And I cudnt get ole henriksen wipes yet… *nababana* wud love to try are they worth?? U tried them??
        Wipes r nvr ending stuffs in our life it seems, let me try them next.. *specs* n yes prayers r working finally Aadya managed to overcome pneumonia… *happydance* *puchhi* still few days to go as she is weak n exhausted bt yes no pneumonia… *happydance*
        I hv no idea hw we share those info dear… meanwhile we can try fb, I guess u r on fb. *haan ji*

  3. Lovely review Neetu…..glad to hear aadya is getting better…njoy ur trip to India and allllllllll the weddings….. It will be such a new and beautiful xperience for aadya

    1. *thankyou* arpita dear… Yeah she is feeling better now, hopefully recover within couple of days. *happydance* and am also thinking she wud love to meet everyone n enjoy dat halla hulaad *happydance* bt abhi time h, still 4-5 months ahead. *waiting*

  4. Lovely review Neetu 😀 But as always I fall in love with your stories more *puchhi* Good to know Aadya is recovering *clap* she will be up and healthy soon dont worry 🙂 Wow India 🙂 Wishe we have a IMBB meet *happy dance* it would be soo much fun *happydance* and have fun at the marriage 😀 can’t wait to see your ootds’ *happy dance*

    1. Yeah imbb meet wud b so much fun n make my trip worth.. *happydance* however still long months before we visit our home. N yeah I m so happy Aadya is relieved frm illness nw just weakness n exhaustion which willsubside soon. *happydance* thanx to all of u for prayers n wishes to my baby… *clap* *happydance*

  5. Very happy to hear that aadya is recovering. Nice review neetu as always. Don’t worry about the weight after returning from India u will surly reduce because u will be missing those people right.

    1. *hihi* gud one bt in reality I hardly miss anyone except my mom papa.. *secret* *hihi* bt so swt of u to say so… *puchhi* I feel so heavy n panting puffing in middle of tasks, which definetly alaram to get rid of excess wt knw.. *scared* anyways, the gud part is my baby regained health n fitness *happydance* thank u all gals for ur prayers n love to my lil bundle of joy.. *puchhi*

    1. Aww really mini.. so sorry *woot* hw is ur skin allergy nw.. u were suffering from allergies after that make up naa.. *woot*

        1. oh gud to knw mini.. its a pain to indulge in stuffs only to realise their evil fact.. *nababana* *nababana* I wonder n feel sorry hw these pdts caused u trouble they r fine on my weird skin even.. *woot*

    1. *thankyou* chaitali.. i hope so dear.. n yes aadya is recovering finally.. *happydance*
      thanx to all of u for ur love n wishes to my daughter.. *puchhi*

  6. Great Review, The very first thing i liked it its opener thingy! because every time I buy wet tissues, that peel off sticker just comes off after 7, 8 uses and I end up by getting dry “wet tissues” *preen*

    1. very true payal.. I ws also relived to see nw their packagings r improved.. *haan ji* I hope u will get them soon n u like them.. *thankyou*

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