Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss

Hello to all you pretty ladies!

I am here today to bust all those myths you think and know when it comes to weight loss. As I have myself had a journey that was long and full of experiences, you can totally count on whatever I say when it comes to anything weight loss! 🙂

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss

1) Lifting Weights At The Gym Makes You Bulky :


NO IT DOES NOT! There is a difference between doing weights to tone your body and doing it with the help of steroids to look like a bodybuilder. It’s not that easy to get a body like those bodybuilders if you don’t have the help of something like steroids. Weight training is a must for all those of you who want to lose weight and tone their bodies like hotties.

2) Don’t Eat Past 6 PM As It Will Lead To Weight Gain :
Not true! You should eat within every 2 hours (max!) till before you sleep. It’s true you should cut down your calorie intake at night but that doesn’t mean you stop eating altogether. You can still look for healthy alternatives or regular food. I would suggest you to fill yourselves up with soups that don’t contain cornflour, carrots, boiled eggs, chicken (100gms) and veggies, etc. You can have 1-2 biscuits and 1 bread too if you’re still hungry, this will help avoid those midnight snacking session.

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3) Substitute Diet Foods With Normal Foods :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Weights Diet Food

You must run away from anything that screams diet! Diet khakra, diet coke, special k, be it anything. Usually, “diet foods” are just a stupid marketing stunt for people to buy things like these. You should compare the calories between regular stuff with the diet stuff (there’s not much of a difference). Even if the word diet is pleasing to your eyes, stay away!

4) More Protein Equals To More Fat Loss :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Weights Protein

The above line is only true if you’re doing something like weight training because when you lift weights, you start to burn fat and build muscle and that needs protein intake for recovery. But if you’re only doing cardio and nothing as intense that needs recovery from protein (more than 200gms daily), then your body will just start turning that into fat.

5) A Zero Carb Diet Will Help You Lose Weight :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Low Carb

Well, this is one myth that isn’t entirely true. I went on a zero carb diet for 2 weeks and lost 3 kgs, but what after that? My body stopped reacting to the diet and my weight or inches wouldn’t budge no matter what I did. It’s important for us to provide our body with all the nutrients it needs especially when you’re dieting because you’re mostly losing out on many due to your restricted food plan. Healthy carbohydrates are a must in any diet and that’s a must for you to know.

6) All Calories Are Equal :
I wish this was true but obviously and sadly, it’s not! It’s not only the calories that we must look out for but also the fat, sugars, nutrients, etc. A medium apple contains about 100 calories and but so does a small bag of chips. Does that mean only the calorie intake matters? The healthier you eat, the healthier you feel!

7) You Must Not Cheat While Trying To Lose Weight :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Food Control

This is not at all true. You need to cheat for your body to function properly and burn fat faster. If you keep feeding your body only healthy food without a break, it will get immune to it and stop working as fast as it should. You need to give your body a shock so that it starts to burn calories and fat faster. This does not mean you cheat every single day. It would be ideal to cheat once in two weeks, this will keep improving on your body’s working and also not make that hard work go to waste.

8) Eat Anything You Want As Long As You’re Exercising Everyday :


A bad diet can never outrun a good workout. This is one sentence you should live by. If you are consuming more calories than you are burning, how can you expect to lose weight? I’ve been through this misunderstanding so, I must warn you all that it’s always 70% diet and 30% workout.

9) Skipping Meals/Starving Through The Day Will Make You Lose Weight :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Starving

This is a really stupid thing girls do thinking they’ll lose weight faster. The more you don’t feed your body, the more it will start storing the fat that is already present in it instead of burning the fat which will lead to a bloated you, and obviously weight gain and a decreased metabolism.

10) Cardio Is The Key To Weight Loss :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Cardio

This is another untrue statement because cardio is not the only key to weight loss. You must do cardio but you can’t depend on it. Walking, cycling, cross-trainer, etc. all are useless if you don’t weight train. Your body will stop responding to the one type of exercise you’ve been doing and this will just lead to a waste of all your efforts. I remember I used to walk daily for 100 minutes for an entire month and ended up with no inch loss, and no weight loss! So you must keep alternating your exercise routines for your body to work properly towards a healthy weight loss journey.

11) Eating Fat Makes You Fat :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Fats

So you mean to say Nuts, Avocados, Meat, Eggs, etc. are fatty? No they are not. They are good for you. An excess of anything is not good. Almonds provide the nutrients to your body which it really needs while you’re dieting and avocados, for example, are great to lose the arm fat! Read about the benefits of everything online and choose wisely.

12) Diet Fads Are A Cool Way To Lose Weight :

Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss Weights Fad Foods

The GM Diet, Cabbage Soup Diet, Zero Carb Diet, all these are just a few of the many fad diets that are present. They are just excuses to get a fast weight loss experience. The fact that many don’t know is that whatever weight you lose because of these diets is not fat loss but is water weight which will come back once you lose the diet. You must follow a proper routine for a proper weight loss journey.

Thank You for reading the longest review I’ve written yet! 😛
Hope I was of help to all you beauties! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Busting The Common Myths Of Weight Loss

  1. I thank you so much for this article Shamzzz 🙂 I heard a girl arguing with our gym trainer about not wanting to do weights because she thought weights had converted fat into muscles and that was her reason for weight gain. Also, this article of yours has made it clear to me that doing only cardio workout will not lead to weight loss 🙂

  2. I love love this article. The only point I will disagree slightly is on #10. While weight training is absolutely great for the body, cardio is also equally good. Doing high intensity and low intensity cardio alternatively is the best way to get the most benefits out of cardio. I did do this initially and did lose a good amount of weight. Now I do both cardio and a little weight training.

    Thanks for this article Shamail. Awesome article! Keep em coming girl! 🙂

    1. Hii! Thank you soo much for your feedback 🙂
      What I meant by that was usually people prefer only to do cardio without any weights at all thinking that cardio is enough. . What you’re saying is right too. . I lost 10 kgs in 5 months only by walking but then my body stopped repsonding to the walks or any other type of cardio I did and when I started weoghts immediately after that, I dropped 5 kgs in 1 month!
      So, in short what I am trying to say is that Cardio is not the only key to weight loss because I was one of those people who thought that way 🙂

  3. one of the most amazing posts I have read in a long time on diet and fitness!! Reallly reallly good. Cant wait to read more from you. :))

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