Buxom Single Eye Shadow Bar – Gimme Gorgeous, Bold Bling, Haute Couture, Designer or Die, Mix & Mingle, Big Spender Review and Swatches

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How are you doing today? I am excited to present my first heavy discounted eye makeup purchase, which seemed too good to skip. Buxom is a well known brand among makeup junkies, especially when I talk about its Big and Sexy Gel lipsticks and Full Bodied Lip Glosses. I recently noticed Buxom’s customizable 6 eye shadow pan palette at a heavy discount, which came with a dual ended mini brush applicator too.

Buxom Single Eye Shadow Bar - Gimme Gorgeous, Bold Bling, Haute Couture, Designer or Die, Mix & Mingle, Big Spender Review, Swatches

So without wasting a minute, I booked these 6 gorgeous shades along with a palette – all for just $40. I have been playing around with these intensely pigmented eye shadows. So let’s read more about these eyeshadows now!

• $12 for 0.05 oz single eye shadow bar, and $13 for empty 6 pan palette

• $40 for 6 pan palette along with 6 eye shadows of our choice (0.05 oz each), one mini dual ended brush applicator

Product Description:
A primer-infused, powerfully pigmented eye shadow refill with intense color payoff.

What it does:
Featuring primer-infused technology to help keep color locked in place, this Single Eyeshadow Refill has a powerfully-pigmented formula that glides onto lids—delivering intense payoff with an ultra-luxe, powder-to-silk feel. And with finishes ranging from plush matte to shimmering metallic to sparkle and duo-chrome, each shade offers eye-catching possibilities.

Explore this spectrum of 40 eyeshadow shades to endlessly mix and match. Simply choose to customize a refillable six-shade palette with Buxom’s Empty Customizable Eyeshadow Palette, or store a shade in the Empty Single Eyeshadow Compact.


My Experience with Buxom Single Eye Shadow Bar – Gimme Gorgeous, Bold Bling, Haute Couture, Designer or Die, Mix & Mingle, Big Spender:

Well the single eye shadow bar comes in a sturdy mini pan packaging which is securely placed inside a cardboard box. While it gets easily fitted into a 6 pan palette packaging, we just need to slide open the empty pan from packaging. Then fix all small individual pans inside the palette bar and simply slide it back.

I am pretty happy with both, their individual as well as palette packaging. Not to forget, the palette comes with a mirror and with a mini dual ended brush, which makes the entire package handy and useful. I am head over heels with this affordable concept.

plastic packaging

Talking about the shades, I had high hopes from Buxom considering I have tried their lip makeup in the past. Choosing 6 colors out of 40 gorgeous shades was way too tough for me, still I managed to bag 4 matte : Gimme Gorgeous, Designer or Die, Mix & Mingle and Big Spender as well as 2 shimmery shades: Bold Bling and Haute Couture.

eyeshadow singles

1. Gimme Gorgeous: Described as a matte camel shade, it is a perfect shade for matte neutral eye makeup on my skin tone. It comes up as a bit yellow mixed with camel brown on my eyelids, and create a subtle glow. Yet it does not highlight my eye makeup; this is something I would love to sport during day time. It can be worn all over lid or just along the crease to create depth.

Gimme Gorgeous

I need to tap my brush 2-3 times to bring the color on my eyes, though it gives intense, opaque finish in just 1-2 swipes. I can use any brush for good color pay off. It does look flaky in the pan, but it gives crease-free and streak-free finish with silky-satiny pigmentation. It is not chalky or flaky on eyes; it does not cause fall outs as it blends seamlessly. It stays on for good 7+ hours or even longer without fading or transferring. I am head over heels in love with this shade. I would rate it 4.8/5.

2. Bold Bling: Described as a metallic rose gold, this one is my go-to shade for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes. In fact, it works so well when worn all over the lids. It is a shimmery copper brown shade with a bit of orange undertones. Despite being a shimmery shade, it does not look OTT on my eyes, but it is another intensely pigmented shade in this range. I just need to rub my eye brush to deposit perfect metallic rose bling on eyes, with no patchy or flaky finish.

Bold Bling

It blends like a dream without any fallout, just silky and satiny finish which stays put for good 8+ hours on my oily eyelids. It does not fade and/or transfer at all. It has a perfect powdery texture which is non-flaky. In fact, it adheres like a creamy eye shadow, delivering a complete opaque color pay off and satin finish in just 1-2 strokes. I always use this one for highlighting the inner corners of my eyes; while at times, I have worn it as an all over eyeshadow too. This is a must-try shade for everyone; I would rate it 4.8/5.

3. Haute Couture: Described as a metallic java shade, it seems deep bronze shimmery brown eye shadow to me. However, it comes up as a slightly subtle bronze brown on my eyes, unlike what I see in the pan. I mean, I have used it a couple of times alone with just Mix & Mingle on brow bone, yet it appears to be a subtle brown. It can be easily intensified, but I think I need more practice to work with such shimmery shades. The texture is, again, silky satin. It does not feel chalky or flaky at all; it does not fall out.

Haute Couture

I see that this shadow beautifully sets on the crease or all over the lid, while it seamlessly blends along the edges to give that perfect bronze look. But, I am yet to master the art of blending. However, even with a little perfection, I am happy with this shade as it stays on & on for good 8+ hours on my oily eyelids. It does not smudge or transfer at all. This, definitely, is a must-try shade. I have to rate it 4.8/5.

4. Designer or Die: Described as matte beige, it comes up as a matte greyish white on my skin. Initially I was wondering what made me get it as it is such a tricky shade for everyday use, or even for parties. However it looks really flattering under artificial light. But, it is certainly tricky for day time looks, at least for me. Texture wise, it looks a bit flaky, but it comes up seamlessly on my skin without any fallouts.

Designer or Die

All the matte shades look flaky in the pan, but none of them give fallouts or chalky finish on the eyelids. That’s impressive! It might feel slightly dry on skin, hence well primed and moisturized eyelids are always better. It stays on for good 7+ hours on my skin, without further drying or irritating my skin or eyes. I am not into such shades, hence this is a skip for me. If you are into grey-white colors, then this matte shade is a good choice. I rate it 4.5/5.

5. Mix & Mingle: Described as a matte vanilla shade, this one is a decent choice for sporting neutral eye makeup. It comes up way subtle as a warm beige on my skin. I mix and match it with similar color family and it works pretty well for brow bone as well as when paired with earthy tones. It appears flaky in pan, but does not give fallouts or patchy finish on skin. It does need few strokes to deliver good color pay, off but it sets nicely on eyelids.

Mix & Mingle

However like Designer or Die, I see that it also feels a bit dry on my eyelids. It works well as a highlighter for brow bone though, and can be paired with various brown and white eye shadows. I don’t think it would work as an all over lid color, considering it’s a bit dry. It stays on for good 6-7 hours on my oily skin. I neither love it nor hate it completely, hence would give 4/5.

6. Big Spender: Described as a matte sable, it comes up way intense as a matte soft brown shade on my lids. It is intensely pigmented and delivers good color with just one gentle touch. I hardly needed any trial & error with this shade as it blends seamlessly owing to its buttery soft texture. Being a matte shade, it looks flaky in packaging, but it does not give any fallouts. It sets nicely with a streak free finish on our lids, whether I use the mini brush applicator or my Sephora Collection Eye Makeup Brush.

Big Spender

It might feel bit dry as well as powdery, but it won’t cause any irritation. It stays on for good 7-8 hours on my skin; even more, depending on the weather. This is one of my favorite colors in this pan and a must-try shade for people who are into earthy tones. It can be worn during daytime with a subtle touch while it can be intensified for night time looks. It’ll rate it 4.7/5.

mirror and applicator

I am pretty happy with this customizable pan packaging as it saves us some money. Moreover none of the shades disappointed me, even though they seemed tricky on my skin tone. I would definitely recommend this customizable palette too.


eyeshadow swatch


neutral eye shadows

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of Buxom Single Eye Shadow Bar – Gimme Gorgeous, Bold Bling, Haute Couture, Designer or Die, Mix & Mingle, Big Spender:

• A sleek, smart, compact palette
• Mirror and applicator come with packaging
• Brush applicator is handy and useful
• Shadows are easy to blend
• Matte shades give crease free, transfer free color pay off without any fallout
• Matte shades stay for good 7-8+ hours

• Shimmery shades blend effortlessly and give a gradient look
• Shimmery shades stay for good 7+ hours on oily eye lids
• Cost effective

6 Buxom Single Eye Shadow Bars Review and Swatches

Cons of Buxom Single Eye Shadow Bar – Gimme Gorgeous, Bold Bling, Haute Couture, Designer or Die, Mix & Mingle, Big Spender:

• Matte shades appear flaky in the pan
• Haute Couture shows up way too subtle
• Mix & Mingle takes many swipes to show up on my brow bone
• Most of the matte shades need few swipes for good color payoff
• Designer or Die seems tricky for my skin tone

Well, for this price, every shade is workable for me. Though I can never invest 12 bucks on shades like Designer or Die and Mix & Mingle. I am yet to find another good highlighting shade after Mix & Mingle; rest I feel these are worth the investment.

IMBB Rating:
4.6/5 – for packaging and shades both

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  1. Wow Neetu, such a lovely review. I love shades like haute couture a lot as they look amazing with all sorts of outfits. This palette is a steal, indeed.

    1. true that shikha 🙂 this palette is a steal with 6 eye shadows for 40$, even i love this haute couture though it comes slight lighter than what we see in packing. May be I need to learn another trikc for working with shimmery shades 🙂

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