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Preeti asks:

Hi ,

I have heard a lot about VOV cosmetics. I have seen a lot of cosmetics of VOV brand in shops . This is a brand from Korea . These cosmetics are much less priced than other cosmetics of good brands.  Its general opinion in India that whatever comes from Korea , Japan , China , Thailand is not of good quality (even toys from these countries are discarded as they are not of good quality plastic and may harm children).  I am intrigued , how can they sell cosmetics at such low price ? Today, I saw a VOV blush kit in a mall , it had nice colours ( 4 shades ) and some very nice pressed powders too.  I am tempted to buy those blush and powders ( a kit of 4 blushes comes at 150 INR and the pressed powder comes at 150 INR) . But are they really good ? Are they really safe on skin ? Can I buy them ? I am novice in make up and since i joined IMBB, I am trying to learn simple make up.  So, I thought of buying those blushes. What do you recommend ?

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rati beauty diet plans

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15 thoughts on “Should I Buy VOV Cosmetics: Ask IMBB

  1. Heyy preeti… VOV is a good brand not that famous but it is emerging with time… *haan ji* the same way like you i also spotted some products of VOV at very less price… i have used a few and they work pretty nicely *hifive* none of them have given me break-out or any reactions uptil date… *nababana* you can give it a try and since you are a new make-up learner you can invest in those high-end products once you learn stuff completely… *clap* *clap*

  2. Hi Preeti.. There is no harm in buying VOV products.. I agree they are not of great quality but they are not harmful too… Many of us on this blog have used / are using VOV products… Infact my very first eye & blush Palette was from VOV… and I still use it sometimes… I personally feel you should not buy VOV compacts / pressed powders as you would like to use compact powders everyday. But there’s no harm in buying eyeshadows / blushes or any other products which you would not be using very regulary… I also invested in VOV eye & blush Palette to learn makeup.. each palette costed me approx 1200… You wont believe many professional makeup artists also use VOV products for eye makeup… Hope this helps…:-))

  3. I never got VOV products and I really dont want to buy cheap products and harm my sensitive skin. So I go for good makeup products which are dermatologically tested even if its bit costly. Plz dont play with skin for few bucks! *nonono* 😛

    btw Jomol, I sent my ask IMBB query 3days back. plz do post it na… *shy* *duh* *announce*

  4. Hi Dear, I get to know that all these Chinese products sold at low cost in India is called as Dumping. India has anti dumping laws, but I guess the Government is not strict about make up products than it is for Food products. I think its time, we have strict norms for sub standard quality products from China.
    Although nothing against VOV; I have never used them personally, but I would never risk. specially something on the face.

  5. actually vov itself is a good brand but the only problem with this poor baby that market is flooded by its dupes which are not only cheap but they do harm the skin. so i suggest to go for a reputed shop which sells more than one brands like beauty shop for example. closely look for its particulars like mfg date, expiry date, made in …. cos dupes dont have such details only original vov products have *haan ji* *haan ji*

  6. u wont believe it,but i too had the same question in mind! so many times i have ‘almost’ purchased a vov product..but in the end moment i say to myself,’what the heck,cant i spend a few more bucks for my skin n get a derma tested product’? i would advise u to induldge in maybelline or colorbar..they are of good quality n price wise -affordable for beginners 😀

  7. its a decent brand but has a lot of dupes… buy only from good stores.. look for particulars that neha said and also bar code n all that… the eyepencils i have tried they are good…

  8. Thank you so much ladies for your opinions and suggestions.
    Most VOV products i saw dont have any manufacturing date let alone expiry date , so i think those are the dupes . but its fdifficult to differentiate a dpe from original one . how do we differentiate a dupe from original one ?

  9. VOV is a known brand by now *haan ji* …I’m using VOV foundation, compact and lipstick almost far, I’ve got nothing to complain against them *clap* . VOV products are pretty good quality-wise. And when it comes to costs, they are not at all cheap. For example- my VOV compact came for INR.250, while compacts of Lakme and Maybelline come lower than this price. *haan ji*

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