8 Things to Know Before Buying Argan Oil

After Jomol di’s post about the benefits of Argan Oil a lot of you must be really impatient to get your hands on a bottle of this precious oil also called Liquid Gold.
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And Argan oil truly is a miraculous product. Used as a health booster and cosmetic treatment for ages- It has gained popularity recently after Moroccan Government started promoting it worldwide because it supports the woman co-operatives and provides a livelihood to thousands of women across Morocco. Then Hollywood Actresses disclosed Argan Oil as their beauty secret and the rest as they say is history.

Combined with its worldwide popularity and extremely rare nature it’s not surprising that the market is flooded with Argan Oil products. So we have to be very careful about choosing the correct Argan Oil products which genuinely have the benefits of Liquid Gold and are not just trying to rip us off.

What makes it so valuable?

Argan oil is plant oil produced from the kernels of the Argan tree (Argania spinosa L.). This tree is not found in any other place except Morocco. Also It is a very endangered plant and though the Moroccan Government is taking steps to plant more of these trees the global demand is still much much higher than the net production.
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There are two process of oil extraction:

Traditional method: The Berbers of ancient Morocco would collect undigested argan pits from the waste of goats which climb the trees to eat their fruit. The pits were then ground and pressed to make the nutty oil used in cooking and cosmetics. Eeew? Yeah I feel so too!

Press Extraction: First the nuts are cracked open by hand and the fleshy fruit is discarded. Then the Kernel is ground, mixed with water and then pressed to produce Argan Oil. Sometimes the kernel is roasted before extraction which removes most of its cosmetic benefits. Such oils are good for cooking. Since the first part of the process is done by hand it cost a lot to extract this oil which making it so precious.

Things to know before you buy Argan Oil:

1. Buy pure: Look for words like pure Argan Oil or pure Argania spinosa L. oil. Don’t go for products which say things like infused with Argan Oil or contains Argan Oil. If you do then at least check the ingredient list for the % of Argan oil. Don’t shell out money for products with 2% argan oil or something like that. Buy the pure Argan oil and trust me it’ll be worth it.
Also remember Argan Oil and Moroccan Oil is not the same thing. Moroccan Oil contains more silicones than Argan Oil so won’t benefit you as much as pure argan oil.
2. Don’t buy cheap: Argan Oil is available at around 2$/60ml in wholesale. If you are getting pure Argan Oil cheaper than that its fake for sure.

3. Look at the packaging: Argan Oil gets spoiled by light or when stored improperly in plastic containers. Buy Argan oil sold in tinted glass bottles only.

4. Don’t buy huge batches: Argan Oil has a maximum shelf life of 24 months after extraction. Don’t buy huge batches unless you are sure you can use it all up well within 2yrs.

5. Smell test: Argan oil smells nutty. Since smell is subjective I’d say check if it doesn’t smell bad(most likely it has gone rancid) or doesn’t smell anything at all(too much filtered so not effective). Sometimes Argan oil produced by traditional method smells so badly of goats they have to deodorize it. You DON’T want to put that on your face or hair do you?

6. Appearance test: It should be golden in colour and should have slight residue in the bottle. Since it is not possible to decant the extracted oil wholly some residue is always left behind!

7. Feel Tells: Argan oil feels silky soft and non greasy. Any greasy slimy oil is a fake.

8. Buy from certified organisations: Even if you are buying from local sellers make sure you visit proper stores and not random vendors. Also avoid buying from amazon or ebay unless the brand is trusted.

That’s it. Next time you decide to buy Argan Oil I hope this will help you get your money’s worth and get all the benefits of this miraculous product. Bye and Stay beautiful 🙂

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7 thoughts on “8 Things to Know Before Buying Argan Oil

  1. *thankyou* for the tips 🙂 I’ll keep these things in mind before purchasing Argan oil. Can you suggest where I can get argan oil in mumbai ? and which brands should I look for 🙂

  2. Very informative article Krishti. I have been hunting for Argan oil at all medical shops but no luck *cry* … does anyone know where to buy pure argan oil in bangalore.. or even online?

  3. Well the only place i’ve seen argan oil in India is from Soulflower…..most websites sell imported argan oil and they cost a bomb…..best option is to ask a relative returning from overseas to get it for you.

  4. if you dont mind the international shipping and extra taxes i can suggest Josie Maran, Skinception, Shea Terra, Eden Allure. They are all good brands stocking argan oil.

  5. awesome krishti.. *clap* i ws nt aware of few facts u talked abt.. I will consider ur tips in mind next time before investing in argan oil.. *thankyou* superb attempt.. *clap*

  6. hey krishti,
    i want to know whther argan oil is heplful for grey hair too. i have four five grey hair n my hair texture is frizzy n dry.
    thank u

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