BVLGARI Lip Balm Review

By seeing the topic don’t ask me why I got a lip balm from BVLGARI or how much did I get it for. I have no idea about the price as this came in the toiletry kit that was given to mum in airlines She just gave the entire kit to me as she knows how much I love such cute pouch and the surprise gifts. All I knew about BVLGARI is that they make awesome perfumes. I am a big fan of their amethyst perfume. So for the first time I got a chance to try BVLGARI lip balm.
bvlgari lip balm
The quantity of the lip balm is just 5 gm and it comes in a pretty lengthy twist up tube. Ya, this one is pretty lengthy compared to other lip balms like Nivea and Avon. I am glad that it came in a tube and not a pot and thus making it easy to use. The lip balm is just white in color and doesn’t have any strong smell. I sniffed really deep to find if there is any fragrance and yes it had a light tea smell. Since you can hardly smell it, whether you like the fragrance of tea or not, it is not going to be a bothering factor.

The BVLGARI lip balm does moisturize the lips but the effect vanishes in a jiffy. I have to keep re applying it again and again and I am tired doing it. So I thought I am applying very little and started applying the lip balm with more pressure. When I do so, I feel like there is a layer of wax on my lips. It stays on for a long time and neither my meals nor drinks affect the application. It does not glide smoothly on the lips.
lip balm product

Pros of BVLGARI Lip Balm

• When applied with little pressure, the balm lasts really long. This is the first lip product that stayed on my lips for so long !!!!!
• Comes in an easy to use twist-up tube.
• Pretty big lip balm.
• Smell is not at all disturbing. I mean you can hardly sense any smell.
• Does not dry the lips.
lip balm spill

Cons of BVLGARI Lip Balm

• The lip balm is very thick. When applied lightly it vanishes in a jiffy and when applied with more pressure it feels like thick wax on my lips. Either way • I am not happy with this.
• While twisting up and down the balm spreads to the corner and around the mouth of the tube.
• I doubt the availability.
• It does not glide easily on my lips.

My Rating -2.5/5

Will I Repurchase? Not at all.

Nothing is impressive about this lip balm and I am glad that I didn’t buy it and just got it as a gift.

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24 thoughts on “BVLGARI Lip Balm Review

  1. i too got this when i travel from Mumbai to Dilli on IT. :heh: . i just gave this to my Cousin who is a Big time fan of their Perfumes…. :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

  2. @ Sanjeev..for the last 3-4 days IMBB is not opening easily on my system…after trying some times only then it that a server problem or something?

  3. Hmmm doesn’t seem so great

    btw i wanted some suggestion on an old weight loss post on ur blog about honey cinnamon

    One clarification I seek- I do yoga in the morning and since it makes me hungry I eat breakfast after 20 minutes…can i take honey cinnamon mixture before my yoga….as it mentioned 30 minutes before breakfast I was confused… my yoga takes 20 minutes and it will mean 40-50 minutes before breakfast….what to do….I really wanna start that honey cinnamon thing…Do reply.

    1. I couldn’t recollect which post you are talking about but from what I know it is perfectly ok to take it before 40-50 mins 🙂 The minimum time you need between ur workout and food should be 30 mins.

  4. aarthi never heard of this brand veer. You know I finished up using my Burts bee’s lip balm and now I miss it so much. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

  5. I have this….and I apply it at times at night to moisturize my lips…not bad..i like it.ya a bit waxy…it was gifted to me by my aunt. :present:

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