Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau De Parfum Review


Hi Beauties,

Today, I am going to talk about a perfume which is extremely close to my heart. This perfume was a part of a gift set which my husband gave me on our 1st marriage anniversary. Its not the gift per se, but the fact that we had been living separately during the first year of our marriage (In fact, for another two years after that…since I was still studying). Our first anniversary brought us together after one year, and I remember being very shy and coy in front of him…..Aaaahhhhh…how time flies!!!

From the website: It was created in 2005 by perfumer Beatrice Piquet of IFF and is said by Bvlgari to be “…the richest and most sophisticated fragrance in the Bvlgari Pour Femme Collection”. It includes top notes of fruity Ottoman rose and pure Prelude rose. The heart includes notes of Blackberry, Violet leaves, living Mimosa, and Jasmine sambac. Base notes are Patchouli, Gaiac wood, and Sandalwood. It is described by Bvlgari as a floral rose chypre and it comes across as a fresh and luminous soft chypre.

Price: Totally priceless, but for the sake of was Rs.2700/- for 30ml.


My experience: I totally, completely love this perfume. It has the soft fragrance of various kinds of roses gathered together in a rose garden. It is very feminine fragrance, but not for the weak hearted. It instantly brings in the spring season to the heart…..and makes you feel very coy and giddy with happiness. The fragrance is not heady or overwhelmingly sweet, but rather reaching into a deeper unknown spasm between floral and fruity. The fragrance is extremely long lasting… stays on my skin for 8-10 hours…..and on my clothes for God Almighty knows how much time.


The top notes are not completely floral……they are a mix of fruity and floral scents. It is not overpowering or cloying…but rather fresh as if you have just walked into a rose garden. The middle notes are more fruity…and add a depth to the fragrance. The base notes are woody, powdery and turn sultry…with a fruity- floral kind of fragrance. It spells spring, it spells romance, it spells first love…it brings all those feeling into the heart which would make you again want to become young and walk hand in hand with your beloved. In short, it is a fragrance for lovers.


Pros of Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau De Parfum

• Very soft, floral-fruity smell
• Long lasting
• Suitable for both morning and evening hours



Cons of Bvlgari Rose Essentielle Eau De Parfum

• I cannot find any.

IMBB rating: 5/5

I know that perfumes are a matter of individual choice…but do try this out…Some may like it in the first instance, while for the more skeptical ones…do try it out in the store…wear it for 5-10 min…and then decide…It kind of grows on you……It is suitable for both morning and evening times…and you might want to keep it for all special occasions even past its expiry date.


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  1. I absolutely love this perfume. *woot* *drool* *drool* I have the 5ml version of this. It’s fragrance is oh la la *pompom*

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