By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace #3 Frozen Petal Review

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For the next few days, I will be reviewing items from a brand that I have been so excited to try. It is the brand By Terry. This review is on the Cellularose Blush Glace – Hydra-Radiance Aqua Blush in the shade 3 – Frozen Petal.If you aren’t aware of this brand, here is a little bit about it.

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About the Brand:
Terry’s unique vision of beauty and her innovative approach are inspired by the vast art collection she’s cultivated over the years. Native of the southern shores of the Mediterranean, she now lives between Paris and London. Her love of travels helps her perceive and anticipate women’s needs and capture trends.

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Thanks to her visionary genius and savoir-faire, she strives to make each product unconventional, inventive and sumptuous. She creates new techniques which successfully combine ease of use, sophistication of performance and diversity of results to radiantly enhance all women and all personalities.

Inventing beyond colors, Terry de Gunzburg has established herself as an architect of oneself, a beauty artist and a citizen of the world. She carries out her work, using technology to serve exclusivity and creation. She is not a makeup artist. She is more than that: The one and only Beauty Designer.
Conventional Beauty doesn’t exist.
It’s a style that must be cultivated.
It’s a form of personal expression.

– Terry de Gunzburg
About The product:
This caring quenching blush flushes the cheeks with a cool burst of watercolour for long-wearing healthy glow.

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by terry blush ingredients

Price $58

My Experience with By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace #3 Frozen Petal:

This product comes in a frosted plastic jar. The lid has a mirror finish which may come in handy on occasions you want to do a quick touch up. I am usually not a huge fan of jar packaging because they tend to be unhygienic. This product, due to its consistency could have also worked if packed in a squeeze tube, which unfortunately isn’t the case. This packaging also makes it not so travel-friendly.

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This blush has a very unique whipped consistency. It is between a gel and a mousse. It has an airy light texture and looks very iridescent and glowy when you see the product in the jar in sunlight. It’s quite breathtaking as to how it glimmers.

Pigmentation & Shade:
This Blush Glace only comes in 3 shades which is #1 Rose Melba-a sheer baby pink, #2 Flower Sorbet- a beautiful summery coral and the shade which I have # 3 Frozen petal which is a beautiful rosy pink shade. This shade gives a beautiful pink flush to the cheeks. It gives an appearance of just-pinched cheeks.

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The shade #3 is the deepest shade out of the 3 available yet it applies quite sheer when completely blended out on my Light – Medium (NW23) skin and gives it just a natural hint of color. My skin still shows through the blush which gives it give a very natural appearance. It has a beautiful luminous glow and sheen (but it is not dewy looking or greasy) and it does not have any hint of shimmer. You can build up the pigmentation in layers but this blush looks best when you let it look natural and not overdone. I used about a pea-sized amount for each of my cheek and blend it out with fingertips which takes no effort at all.

Feel on skin:
This blush due to its whipped gel like texture and the fact that it is water-based feels very hydrating on my dry skin. It makes my skin feel supple and soft. It has a slight bit of tackiness to it but you can only feel that if you touch it with your fingers. When on the cheeks, it is very lightweight. It does not sink into my pores.

Staying Power:
Staying power is okay. It stayed on my skin for 5-6 hours before starting to fade. I could see barely a hint of color by the end of my day.

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This product has a signature very beautiful and refreshing aroma of roses. The scent does linger on the skin for around an hour. I actually love this scent, but if you prefer your products to be unscented or don’t like roses, this may not be for you.
Overall, I am on the fence about this product. I do really like the unique texture of this which feels very hydrating and comforting on my dry skin giving it just a hint of natural color and the glow which makes me look healthy and young. I am a girl who loves her blush and sometimes will tend to overdo them so the sheerness and lack of a punch of color bothers me on occasions. Also, the staying power could be better and this does come at a very hefty price tag. I do feel this product will not suit oily skin types unless you want to top it off with a powder to take away the excess moisture.

Pros of By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace #3 Frozen Petal:

• Unique texture
• Gives a natural flush of color
• Gives a nice healthy glow to the cheeks
• No shimmer
• Water-based hence quire hydrating and soothing
• Beautiful fragrance of roses
• Does not feel greasy or slippery
• Minimal tacky feel
• Easy to use and blend

Cons of By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace #3 Frozen Petal:

• Unhygienic jar packaging
• The lid attracts fingerprints
• Not a huge color range
• All shades apply sheer, and the shade #3 is the deepest of the 3. The other 2 are even more sheer
• Due to sheer color payoff it might not even be visible on deeper skin tones
• Very high price tag
• Not suitable for oily skin due to its immensely hydrating nature.
• Not great staying power

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