Byredo Parfums Sunday Cologne EDP Review


Claims : “The ageless cologne, the way you used to know it, has been fitted with a new suit,” proclaims Bydredo in reference to this expertly blended scent. Using woody bergamot, vetiver and cardamon is lifted with spicy star anise and fresh geranium notes. The result is timeless yet current; new but ‘forever faithful, like a Sunday’. Housed in the Scandinavian brand’s signature minimalist bottle, this eau de parfum makes a sterling gift for any discerning gentleman.

Price :£98 |Buy It HERE|
Available at airports and premium perfume stores. Check your hotel boutiques as well.

My Experience with Byredo EDP Sunday Cologne
I have been wanting to try Byredo perfumes for the longest time. I forgot to pick them up in Paris. My hotel in Moscow had a perfume shop that stocked the uniquest of perfume brands I have ever come across. Byredo was one of them. I picked up Gypsy Water for myself and I liked it so much. I later convinced Sanjeev to pick up one for himself as well. He picked up Sunday Cologne from the airport. Now that he has been using it for months, I asked him what he thinks of this perfume since I was writing the review. He said “It is nice.”. Men!! 😐 😛 And since he is never going to review it, I am reviewing it for you all. 😀
Although most perfume from Byredo are unisex, this one in particular has got liking among men.

Let’s start with the packaging first. How absolutely lovely and minimal is the packaging. A clear chubby glass bottle with black dome cap. I adore it. I would definitley fall in category of people that would buy Byredo more for its packaging and less for their perfumes. 😛

It’s a citrusy, spicy and a bit woody perfume…at least that’s how I smell it. It settles to a soft spicy fragrance. Honestly, I find it very sexy when Sanjeev wears it. 😛 It’s not like a manly cologne kind of a perfume but it has that kind of perfume that keeps coming from someone and works on your senses. But you can’t exactly pin point what exactly is driving your nuts.:D It smells more like a perfume that is part of your own self that something that you have spared on your clothes. It’s mellow but still makes a statement. I would call it a very day time perfume..something that you’d spray on a summer day wearing a crisp white shirt. ^_^

The only downside is that it does not have a great staying power. May be around 3-4 hours,which is kind of a bummer. And especially when it is a perfume that men prefer.
Still, these perfumes from byredo smell so natural and clean these are definitely worth a try.
Rating : 3.9/5 |Buy It HERE|

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