C.O.Bigelow Lemon Lip Balm Review

C.O.Bigelow 100 % Natural Lemon Lip Balm

Price: $7.50

Lemon Lip Balm Lemon Oil and Extract 3.5% Shea Butter 1%

Softens, soothes and cares for lips with Vitamin C-rich and super-nourishing Shea Butter. Formulated with a high concentration of lemon oil and extract (3.5%), this addictive Lemon Lip Balm is packed with vitamins and minerals, providing a major dose of Vitamin C. 100% natural lemon flavor provides a tangy burst, while ultra-moisturizing shea butter (1%) nourishes and conditions lips. The creamy formula glides on smooth, leaving lips feeling soft and moisturized.

Softens, soothes and cares for lips
Super-nourishing shea butter
Untinted balm
Provides a dew-kissed sheen
Not tested on animals
Made in USA

This was a gift from a friend returning from the States and you can buy them at Bath and Body works I suppose.This lip balm is the freshest smelling and sweetest tasting lip balm in my collection. In fact it makes me think why does baby lips not come in a sweet lemon flavor.Anyway this balm has two tiny flaws apart from which I love this lip balm.


Many may find the packaging very medicinal but I love the font color plastic quality everything on it.It click locks and you can use it like regular fat lip balms.It has a slightly fatter tube than baby lips but otherwise a travel friendly lip balm. I do not know why I compare them to baby lips, there is no similarity whatsoever but I think most of us own one baby lips of more hence…

The balm is very very buttery and creamy, in fact so much that it is kind breaking at the base.I need to be very gentle with it or else it will slip out or break 😛 This is the major flaw of the balm. The balm feel glossy and very velvety to apply.Now coming to the best part about the balm…it smells like fresh sweet lemon zest and it tastes like sugar 😛 I think it can pep up your kisses but apart from that I find it too sweet, I am not a sugar person but still having a sweet tasting lip balm is fun.I am crazy over how nice it smells, fresh sweet lemon ..I am into citrus smells and I love it.That said it even claims of 100% natural lemon ..


The balm is best stored in the fridge and also I notice too much product gets used…if you want thin layer before your lipstick then apply with fingertips.The buttery nature would make the balm finish up soon and also break and melt in the heat.I would love to take care of this lip balm as I love it so much..

I do not have very dry chapped lips but so far it keeps lips supple and works as a nice night lip balm too.I think it should be good for dry lips as well but I am not sure if you will get a heavy duty job for flaky lips or not..For me it works great and gives a nice supple sheen with fresh smell and sweet taste on my lips and mouth. I am also okay if this does not have a tint to it.



So talking of the tiny flaws this does not have SPF but I don’t care much…apart for that if you love lemon like me, get this asap!

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