Cabbage Soup Diet Plan For Weight Loss

I am sure that some of you might have heard or already tried cabbage soup diet. If you haven’t heard about cabbage soup diet and if you are planning to lose weight and wondering what this diet is all about, do read on for more details on cabbage soup diet plan.

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan For Weight Loss

What is Cabbage Soup Diet?

It is a low fat diet with high fiber. You have to follow this diet for a week. Many people who have tried cabbage soup diet have claimed to lose five to ten pounds in seven days. If followed properly, this diet helps to lose weight quickly. However, you can do this diet only for seven days. It is not recommended to follow this for more than seven days. You need to give yourself at least one month to restart this seven day cabbage soup diet plan. In this diet, having cabbage soup daily and several times a day is a must. You can have fruits, vegetables and some lean meat. However, you can have meat only on certain days, as mentioned in the diet. Follow this diet sincerely to loose weight, in-between cheating may not give the desired results.

When You Should Try Cabbage Soup Diet?

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan For Weight Loss Cabbage Soup

If you want to lose weight quickly, say within a week or so, you can opt for this diet. If you have a special occasion like wedding or a party to attend and cannot fit into your outfit, you can opt for cabbage soup diet; it will help you lose weight quickly. If you are unable to stick to long term diets, but want to lose weight, then you can opt for this diet. If you do not have the time, energy and money to spend on expensive methods of losing weight, you can opt for this homemade cabbage soup diet. If you are planning for a long term diet plan, but want to lose a few pounds quickly, you can start with seven days cabbage soup diet before you embark on a long term diet plan.

Tips For Cabbage Soup Diet:

1. This diet plan should be followed for all seven days to get significant results. To make this diet plan work, you must have cabbage soup daily, several times a day and as frequently as mentioned in the plan.
2. Drink at least six glasses of water daily to stay hydrated.
3. Follow this diet sincerely.
4. Keep in mind that this diet is only for seven days.
5. Follow the diet each day as per the plan.
6. Add different spices and veggies to make cabbage soup taste more interesting (some hot spices aid in weight loss, like pepper, etc)
7. Set a goal to lose weight and remember to treat yourself on achieving the goal, like buying a new dress. This will motivate you to achieve your goal sincerely.
8. If you are having unhealthy symptoms, consult your general physician or dietician.
9. It is advisable to take professional advice, before following any diet plan, especially if your on any kind of medication.
10. Due to the extreme nature of this cabbage soup diet, you shouldn’t follow this diet for more than a week.

How Does the Cabbage Soup Diet Work?

Hot wanton soup with vegetable and steam. Served in the restaurant at Gangtok. Sikkim, India.

You have to prepare homemade cabbage soup and have it several times a day, as suggested in the seven day diet plan. Alongside you can have different low fat foods on each day, mainly fruits, vegetables and lean meat (but only on certain days). This cabbage should be homemade which will have very few calories and maximum fiber. Listed below is a recipe for homemade cabbage soup. Having cabbage soup before meals will make you feel full, so that you eat less and this will help you lose weight, without starving.

Pros for Cabbage Soup Diet:

1.This diet is a low fat, full fiber diet.
2. Helps loss weight in seven days.
3. Makes you feel light and wonderful.
4. Helps you get into shape fast.

Cons for Cabbage Soup Diet:

1. There are chances that this diet may make you lightheaded and full of wind.
2. You may find this diet hard to follow.
3. Cabbage soup can become boring after three days.
4. Chances of gaining back all the weight you lost, when you return to your normal diet. Cabbage soup diet is not suitable for long term weight loss.

Cabbage Soup Seven Days Diet Plan:

Day One: Fruits
For the first day, have only cabbage soup and fruits. Have fruits for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Avoid banana. You can have cabbage soup several times a day. However, make it a point to have cabbage soup for lunch and dinner. You can have unsweetened tea and coffee without milk, fresh cranberry juice. You can add a few drops of lemon juice to your unsweetened, without milk tea or coffee, to make it taste zesty.

Day Two: Vegetables
For the second day, have fresh leafy green vegetables, raw is better but you can opt for cooked. Avoid dry beans, peas and corn. You can have unsweetened tea, coffee without milk. You can have cabbage soup several times a day, if you like. Make it compulsory to have at lunch and dinner. You can have a baked potato with one teaspoon butter, either at lunch or dinner, only once. Do not eat fruits on second day. Only cabbage soup and vegetables.

Day Three: Fruits And Vegetables
On day three, you have to combine day one and day two diet. You can have cabbage soup with fruits and vegetables. But avoid potato. Have cabbage soup several times a day, if you can. Otherwise, make it a point to have cabbage soup at lunch and dinner. Have fruits for breakfast and green leafy vegetables for lunch and dinner along with cabbage soup.

Day Four: Banana and Skim Milk
On day four have bananas and skim milk with cabbage soup. Start your day with banana and skim milk for breakfast. For lunch and dinner have cabbage soup with banana. You can have four to eight bananas and drink as many glasses of skim milk you like.

Day Five: Lean Meat (Fish or Chicken) And Tomatoes
Twenty ounces of fish or chicken and four to six fresh tomatoes. Drink at least ten to twelve glasses of water, to wash out the uric acid from your body. Eat cabbage soup for any one meal. You can eat broiled/baked chicken or fish. But any one, not both.

Day Six: Lean Meat (Fish or Chicken) and Vegetables
You can eat, either fish or chicken and vegetables on day six. You can even have two to three chicken or fish steaks if you like, with leafy green vegetables. No potato. Have cabbage soup at least once a day. Eat to your heart’s content.

Day Seven: Brown Rice, Fruit Juices And Vegetables
On day seven, you can have brown rice, unsweetened fresh fruit juices and vegetables. Be sure to have cabbage soup at least once in a day.

Recipe For Homemade Cabbage Soup:

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan For Weight Loss Cabbage

Ingredients Required:
Three onions finely chopped
One green pepper chopped
One tomato diced into small cubes
250 gms mushrooms diced into small cubes
Half bunch celery chopped
Half cabbage nicely chopped
Two carrots diced into small pieces
Rock salt and pepper for taste
One teaspoon olive oil / ghee (Indian butter)
For added flavor, you can use cayenne pepper, curry powder, mixed herbs or any other seasoning of your choice.

How To Prepare Cabbage Soup:

Use one teaspoon olive oil or one teaspoon ghee (Indian butter) to stir fry the chopped onions. Add chopped green pepper and cook for a minute or two. Add chopped cabbage leaves, diced carrots, chopped celery and chopped mushrooms. Sprinkle cayenne pepper or curry powder and stir nicely. Add salt and pepper to taste. Alternatively, you can add salt and pepper after the soup is ready or when you are having the soup. Add six cups of water and cook over a medium heat until the soup has reached the right consistency and the vegetables are tender enough to eat. Your soup is ready to have. You can warm it up and have it several times a day or as and when described in the diet. You can add a zest of lemon, by scrapping a pinch of lemon skin into soup or a few drops of fresh lemon juice while having it.

The above soup will suffice you for a whole day, you can use it the following day, if there is any leftover. However, it is advisable to make fresh soup daily, during this diet.

Hope the above post is useful in helping you lose weight. Good Luck!

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