Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women Eau de Toilette

Mine was a pack of two- CKIN2U Her and CKIN2U His. The packaging is very cute. It’s a glass bottle with a plastic cover in white with CK In2u imbibed on the same, which gives a good grip to hold the same. The bottle has a heavy bottom and is thus heavy to carry too. Needless to say, ought to be careful while handling. The cap is also made of plastic and it’s a small cute one.


$ 65 CAD (since mine was 2 perfumes his & her).

Calvin Klein Perfume


Top Notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot, Red-Currant Leaves.
Middle Notes: Orchid Sugar, White Cactus.
Base Notes: Neon Amber, Red Cedar, Vanilla Souffle.

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Calvin Klein

My Take on Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women Eau de Toilette:

One could very well feel the floral-woody combination of this when used. This is more of a winter fragrance as its not very mild one that fades away after a few hours. I feel it’s a little strong for office wear, which again is purely my point of view.

I simply love this perfume a lot and use it sparingly for special occasions only. The best thing about this is that it lasts for a long time and I could feel the fragrance even at the end of the day which is amazing and makes me feel so fresh and nice.

Calvin Klein in2u

Pros of Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women:

  • Fragrance lasts for a really long time which is the best thing about this perfume.
  • Perfect as an everyday wear fragrance.
  • Pleasant floral smell.

Cons of Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women:

  • Packaging is a little heavy, so need to be careful in handling, but I don’t mind.


Will I Repurchase Calvin Klein CK In2u for Women Eau de Toilette?
Definitely and would recommend the same if you are looking for a long-lasting perfume.

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  1. i really need to check out C & K perfume. I go to the store and end up picking jeans… this time i will make a point to check out their perfumes. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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