Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette Review

This one was stolen from my dad. He would love putting it on for work. After failed attempts of convincing him to give this EDT up on account of how “I preferred” his old perfume, I had to steal it. I have always preferred perfumes that aren’t too feminine; this one is perfect since it is unisex. And, it was so worth the efforts! I love using it on days when the summer heat is really dampening the mood as the fragrance instantly lifts up my mood.


Price: $49
Product Description:
cool. clean. refreshing CK one is the original “shared” fragrance that inspires the confidence to be yourself and encourages you to connect with others. the brand belongs to everyone. CK one is an accessible, universal and easy scent.
Top notes: Pineapple, green notes, mandarin orange, papaya, bergamot, cardamom, and lemon
Middle notes: nutmeg, violet, orris root, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, and rose
Base notes: sandalwood, amber, musk, cedar, and oakmoss
Ingredients: Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Parfum, Linalool, Limonene, Butylphenyl, methyl propionyl, citronellol, coumarin, geraniol, BHT, citral, tetrasodium EDTA, isoeugenol, acrylates, hydrolyzed jojoba esters.

My Experience with Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette:

Although not such a huge fan of the carton that the perfume bottle comes in, the bottle is a classic. It is shaped like a flask. The lid has to be removed for the pumping apparatus to be screwed in. The bottle’s design and shape are clean, simple and serve the personality of the perfume well. It feels like a delicate bottle and I am often very careful while using it. Due to the lid, it can be easily packaged for travelling but the glass bottle faces a huge risk of breaking. It is especially very fragile and slippery.


CK One was Calvin Klein’s first widely popular fragrance and the brand has garnered many fans for their range of fragrances since then. CK One had won the ‘FiFi Women’s Fragrance of the Year’ award in the popular appeal category for the year 1995. CK One is a naturally clean, pure and contemporary fragrance with a refreshing point of view. The light and relaxed scent is meant to be used lavishly. CK One is an intimate fragrance, one that you need to be near to smell. Even though this is a well-known unisex fragrance, it has more of a masculine edge. The citrus aromatic fragrance is perfect for the day time and for the summers.


The energising fragrance is perfect for those extra hot summer days and has a good lasting time. Also, while it may seem really strong once sprayed on, it is actually very sensual and subtle. It is the perfect mix of brightness and sensuality. That’s how this fragrance became a rage in the 1990s. Developed by Harry Fremont, this one is perfect for getting rid of those Monday blues and I often wear it on days when I have an important presentation or test, or have not gotten enough sleep and need a bit of energising. Also, this EDT does not scream for attention nor does it seem like one is trying too hard. It is perfect for when you want to smell clean and fresh for college or work without garnering any unwanted attention. The lasting power of this EDT is great. It stays for around 8 hours on a hot or humid day. On days when the weather is on your side or if you spend long hours in AC environment, the fragrance lasts for around 12 hours. There are only two things that do not appreciate about this fragrance: the steep price and the fragile glass bottle.

Pros of Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette:

⦁ Fresh and clean fragrance
⦁ Apt fragrance for work or college
⦁ Refreshing
⦁ Sleek packaging
⦁ Can be perfectly called a unisex fragrance
⦁ Lasting power is great

Cons of Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette:

⦁ The price is too steep for an EDT
⦁ The bottle is not entirely travel-friendly

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Repurchase Calvin Klein CK One Eau de Toilette?
Not really since the price is too steep. However, would love to receive it as a gift.

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