Calvin Klein Eternity EDP Review

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP

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Calvin Klein Eternity EDP

As soon as I started writing this review, it reminded of something, so I will share a little story before I actually begin with the review. Back in school days, we had a very pretty looking chemistry teacher and she used to wear this perfume, it was pure rose fragrance (I still remember so vividly) and I was in love with it. We of course could never ask her what perfume it was (after all she was our teacher and that too a very strict one) :p. But we used to wait for our chemistry period and as soon as she would enter, our classroom would smell like a fresh rose garden. :d. She taught us for more than two years and that was her signature perfume. I believe that was the genesis of my love for perfumes and I have been a collector since then. It’s funny how some childhood instances affect your personality for a lifetime both in good and bad ways..:)


Calvin Klein Eternity EDP ingredients

Anyhow…!! coming back to the present –One of my favourite perfumes from Calvin Klein’s wide range.

Quantity: 50 ml

The Packaging:

The packaging is very simple cream colored rectangular box and has a grey border. It’s simple yet classy which generally the CK style is. It’s a flip open box with the transparent bottle inside. The bottle has no cap which I feel is a miss. Nothing really great about the packaging. All it is, is a simple rectangular bottle. The upside is such bottles are easier to store and carry if one is travelling.
Notes: The head of this perfume possess the peppery fresh jolt of freesia, citrusy mandarin and the very refreshing sage. The heart is made up of the sweet powdery violet, and the very gorgeous lily of the valley, floral and spicy carnation, marigold, narcotic and sweet narcissus. What lingers on in the end are the base notes of dark and earthy patchouli, sandalwood, amber.

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP

My Experience with Calvin Klein Eternity EDP:

Well this perfume came into existence in 1980’s and has been an award winner. Need I say more..?  It was a gift from a very dear friend and since then it has been one of my favourite perfumes. It’s a very 1980’s classic and timeless as the name suggests. It is a complete perfume one can ask for which starts its journey with the spicy top notes, takes you further down the road where you can smell all florals and leaves you with the very earthy, musky and woody experience. The lily of the valley has been given a dominant role to play where rest of the notes play their part in harmony and very diligently. This fragrance gives out an impression of luxury and class. It is love at first sight unlike some of the perfumes where you try hard to fall in love with them. Trust me, I have certain such examples.
Like a loyal lover this one never leaves you, it is super long lasting and survives throughout the day. It belongs to the strong fragrance category but only in a very comfortable way. It is a great fragrance to be worn on a daily basis, be it summers or winters. It did become one of my signature fragrances once upon a time but like a true blue Aquarian I had to explore new things (read: perfumes) in life so I moved on but this one did not. It stayed with me and made sure of a permanent place in my closet.

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP  3


Pros of Calvin Klein Eternity EDP:

1.) Smells gorgeous.
2.) Can be your “every day wear” perfume.
3.) Suitable for all age groups – young and mature.

Calvin Klein Eternity EDP 4

Cons of Calvin Klein Eternity EDP:

1.) Some of us might find it a bit strong.

My Recommendation/Will I Buy It Again:

Yes, it is one of those classics you own at all times.

IMBB Rating:


Thank you so much everyone for reading through this. Please do leave your comments below.

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8 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Eternity EDP Review

  1. Hey i had sniffed this once in my friend’s closet and pretty much liked it and wanted to buy it *haan ji* *happy dance* but my perfumes never get over yaa… so many still to use *headbang* *headbang*

  2. That’s always the case Saloni.. rofl rofl rofl …………we are all sailing/drowning in the same boat…… 😛 😛 do try out this one when you plan to buy your next perfume.. *hifive*

  3. nice review nalini…and speaking of chemistry teachers you seem to have had an interesting one who even used perfumes…ours was someone whom we nicknamed sleeping tablet *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* it was struggle to stay awake and have the look on our faces as if we were so much engrossed in the class..ohh!! rofl rofl

  4. rofl rofl Parmita..!! yeh..there was no dearth of boring teachers..but this one not only used perfumes..but used to be amazingly dressed, was beautiful, had green eyes and taught so well….!! I started liking the subject cause of her.. rofl rofl

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