Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba – Review

Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba

Hello ladies!!

I got this when I went on a shopping spree in Bangalore. The storeman was pretty keen on telling me how awesome a company CK is and that its products are generally not available in India. I let him talk and talk until he told me the price of it. It caught my ear and immediately I tried the trial wala tube on my hand and I found it pretty okay. I thought at such a price, even a regular scrub is a steal.

Calvin Klein Apricot Facial Scrub with Jojoba


As your skin undergoes its own process of natural dead cells and other impurities accumulates and hide your skin’s freshest layer. Facial Apricot Scrub quickly unclogs pores, removes blackheads and complexion dulling dead cells. Our Natural fibre cleansing complex in a smooth base is gentle enough to use every day.

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For all skin types


Water with sambucus, walnut, shell powder Glycery Sambucus, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cetearyl Officinalis Wring, Sage Wring, Pansy Wring, Gentiam Wring, Cornflower Wring,Linden Wring, Titanium Dioxide, Ceteareth-20, PEG-100 Stearate, Triethanolamine, Carboner, Methlyparaben, Ethyparaben, Phenoxyetanol, Methylchlorosothiazlione, Methlyisothiazolinone, Fragrance Paris.

Price: 150/- INR for a 250 ml bottle.

My experience with Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba :

This comes in a regular transparent tube packaging and kind of looks gross as all the apricot beads tend to settle down on the dependent position inside the tube. Anyways, it has a small dispensing hole, which is just the right size as you can see in the picture.

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It smells very creamy and floral. I find it pretty good as it does appeal to my nose and I enjoy such subtle smell in the shower. It is not long lasting and you can only appreciate it while you are in the shower.

The consistency is really creamy and though the apricot particles are prominent, they are not as rough on the skin, which is surprising. I however do not use this on my face since I found that when it comes to doing its job, the exfoliation this provides is comparable to regular scrubs. The difference being, this is really moisturizing. It does not dry out your skin at all. I have read the other varieties of CK scrubs are really drying, but I find this one really moisturizing probably due to its jojoba content.

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In all, I feel this is a really affordable everyday scrub, which is absolutely no necessity, and works fine like any other moisturizing scrub out there in the market. If you spot this in your local market, its up to you if you want to give it a try as it did nothing extraordinary for me, but still I keep it in my shower as a regular body scrub.

Pros of Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba :

1. Nice packaging with a transparent tube.
2. Really inexpensive.
3. Works fine as far as exfoliation is concerned.
4. Is not drying on the skin, so dry skin beauties may really like it.
5. Really subtle smell.
6. Contains TiO2 which is said to have protective benefits from environmental exposure to harmful sunrays.

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Cons of Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba:

1. Contains all the possible chemicals in the world.
2. May not be available readily.
3. Did not do anything out of the box.

Will I repurchase Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba?

I guess not.

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11 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Facial Scrub with Jojoba – Review

  1. I love them… *hifive* if you get bored using them on the face use them on the body.. it will exfoliate the skin very well *happydance*

  2. I sort of keep apricot and walnut scrubs for body. My dry skin totally does not agree with them. I love how rustic and earthy the packaging looks though. *clap* *clap*

    1. Exactly di, they can be harsh on facial skin and can be drying. Also the number of chemicals made me apprehensive about using this on the face. *ghost* 😀 🙂 🙂 🙂

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