Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green

Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green

Hi Gurls,

Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow Emerald Green

Hope you had a good Sunday. I had a lovely day.  Hubby was home whole day and wanted to buy me something and in Andamans, shopping means “online shopping!” So, in anticipation of my birthday (due on April 15th), he ordered some beautiful apparel for me and then evening was a long drive alongside sea. I collected crystal clear sea water and I am planning to make sea salt from it :dance:

We decided to go to a beach which is pretty far away and becomes inaccessible in the rainy season which lasts for about 6 months in Andaman and Nicobar.  We parked our car at a place and walked and walked, and walked again. We walked for about 75 mins, reached the beach, stood there for some time and then walked back for 25 mins when we reached a creek and took a boat to reach a nearby local jetty. Our driver in the meantime got our car to this place, we sank on the seats, and reached home. Phew!

I was dead tired and unfortunately my cook was on leave that day, so I had to cook (there is just one restaurant in this area which is good, but very far away and we are tired of eating its meals). So, the staple food, “Maggie” came to our rescue, but it was good. The beach was awesome. Here is a picture.

Andaman Beach


I am such a stupid that I forgot my camera in the car itself and thus had to take the pic from the phone.

So, coming back to work, I am going to review Calvin Klein’s eye shadow today.

Emerald Green

Product Details:

Single matte and shimmer eye shadow Creates endless look: light and sweet or deep and seductive Sheer and blends on lids easily. No creasing or fading for long wearing Allergy tested and fragrance free.

It’s a beautiful green color that I got as a gift. The color is emerald green and I am loving this eye shadow. This is my eye shadow in green color.  I have previously used just the brown and skin colors, but since I got this, I thought of trying it.


$13 for one pack.



My Take on Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green:

I am in love with this color. I am a dusky beauty 😀 and this color suits me. It is not too bright, not too bottle green. Its slightly on the olive side and I really like it.

Here is the swatch:

Emerald Green

I applied it in the morning and it stayed comfortably throughout the day. Though it had started to fade a bit by the evening, but the color was still there.  It did not irritate my eyes at all and was comfortable to blend and apply.

The eyeshadow comes in a very sleek and attractive packaging which also has a mirror for ease of application. The brush is also sleek and compact and is easy and sturdy to use.

Calvin Klein

Pros of Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green:

  • Very beautiful, modern and travel-friendly packaging.
  • Comes with an applicator and a mirror.
  • Color is pigmented and smooth in texture.
  • Color stays on for long.
  • Does not irritate eyes or skin.
  • I did not observe any major crease on eyes even after 6 hours of application.

Cons of Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green:

  • Nothing major except the price.

Will I Repurchase Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green?


Overall Recommendation:

I absolutely love it and would recommend it to eye makeup artists.

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42 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Tempting Glance Intense Eyeshadow – Emerald Green

  1. so nice Surabhi.It was a good read. you look very different from your gravator :jaiho: ..
    Loved the way adaman looks. Very happy birthday in advance to you.
    Thanks for the review.. its a nice color too :dance: :dance:

    1. Hey Gurpreet..

      Yeah the gravatar image is 4 saal old.. 😀 tab I was a thin, smart female and now I am an Indian bellied mommy 😀

      Thanks for the wishes dear and Andamans is surely the best.

  2. hey there..i am no doubt envious of your lifestyle but sometimes I think I am too much of a city girl and I need the mad rush to keep my sensibilities. But you do have a beautiful place and you look so sweet really. That shade of green is so pretty..i am so so tempted now to pick up something similar..thanks for the review.

    lovely pics.

    1. Hey Aruu..

      Can you believe I have worked in all the major cities of India – Mumbai, Hyd, Blore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and many countries abroad – Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Mauritius and Switzerland?

      And when I came to A&N for the first time post marriage, I was BEWILDERED. Seriously. I just could not find a way out. Even started applying for jobs again and got one too (for Australia.. :yahoo: :yahoo: ) but declined thinking about pati and hone wala bachcha..

      And now after about a year and more in this place, I dread mainland (India connected with land). The moment we land at Delhi airport, we both get so irked off by the haughtiness and in-sensitivities of the people. I love it here now. Though the silence sometimes gets onto me.. but the beauty entices me every single day.

      Thanks for reading this longgg comment and thanks for the compliment. I love being called ‘sweet’. 🙂

  3. Hi Surabhi,

    Andaman has a spcl place in my life. I got married in dec last year and our honeymoon desti was andaman. We stayed at Havelock islands. I loved the place to bits and i really hope to visit it soon.
    Happy Birthday in advance.

  4. I was more interested in A & N than the e/s :woot: but loved both. You look really sweet :teddy: and yeah i can see the resemblance with Vidya Balan 😉 :specs:

    Let us know if u r able make sea salt out of it. 😀 I always wanted to collect and try but never did so for some unknown reason. :headbang:

    1. Hey Jyo..

      Now this is my favourite comment.. thank youuuuu :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: Yeah.. people often think I resemble Vidya and I am so happy for that :preen: :preen:

      I will let you know when the sea salt is done.. and dont worry, if my initiative works, will give it to you. 🙂 :heart:

  5. :yahoo: :pompom: :yahoo: Happy Bdayyyy is advance Surabhi :yahoo: :pompom: :yahoo:

    As usual nice review and the product is also worth picking up

    U luk simple and sweet 🙂

  6. wow surabhi i really envy d wonderful greenary and lovely beaches…….loved the shade as well u look pwetty :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  7. wow wow wow…i think this colour and the texture is awesome!!!!! :yahoo:
    i am commenting on texture just by looking at the swatch :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    he he he 😉

    but its looking soooo yum!!!!!

    i am dusky too…and i agree….this shade of green is just perfect for our complexion!!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvved your post!!!! you look cutuuuu in the pic!!!!
    i really want to visit andaman some day :specs: :specs:
    lets see when i get a chance :methinks: :methinks: :methinks:

    great post dear!!! :haanji:

    1. thankoooo ckg.. :teddy: :teddy: Andaman is lovely and so is this shade. I am wearing it in the last pic.. and haan I have worked in all these places and I have been to many more places than just these 😀

  8. and you have been to soooooo many places for work!!!!! :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho: :jaiho:

    me jealous!! :hypnotized: :hypnotized:


  9. Surabhi….you are making me fall in love with Andamans with your pictures and description and you are such a 100% desi beauty :inlove: :inlove:

      1. Wow Surabhi….I would surely love to come…..but I am too much of a riot, I don’t think you would let me stay for even one day :silly:

  10. “Mumbai, Hyd, Blore, Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Kolkata and many countries abroad – Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Mauritius and Switzerland” :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:
    so many places..
    Andaman is a lovely island, wish to come there once :))
    btw, good review surabhi..

  11. Sucha deep & royal shade.. :inlove: I use such enigmatic hues for my retro-ish (Read : Angarkha+Dhoti) looks.. :haanji: And here everybody is tareef-ing @ your beauty..but me can see beauty of only beach..How come ?! :methinks:

    1. Arey haan Shilpa..

      Actually till now the post had my picture as well but I recently got it removed.. :shying: very late I realized ki I had given them an old, purana sa pic.. and I somehow didnt realize my mistake.. so asked them to remove it.. will send my achcha wala pic in next post.. :preen: :preen:

      And the color is awesome.. and mera beauty.. you come and see on my blog.. 😛

  12. Woooow Surabhi!!! Lovely place..!!! :happydance:

    You look lovely in the pic..very homely and sweet!!! :love:
    Thanks for the review..!!! 🙂 :))

  13. Have I missed something? I don’t see any pic of you in this post 🙁 but A&N looks simply lovely, have always dreamed of going there. This eyeshadow colour’s very pretty too! Online shopping’s so convenient isn’t it?

    1. Hey Nandini.. yeah.. I had my pic but got it removed.. will put a more recent one in another post..

      A&N is exotic really.. and ES its very cool. and mere liye toh online shopping hi real shopping hai.. he he he.. and hey if you wanna see my pics.. check out my blog.. 😀

  14. i also wanted to see pics.. 😐 .. me also always thinking i want to visit A and N… its so beautiful no…take care… good review.. :yes:

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