Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

Calvin Klein – Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

Hello lovely IMBBbees,

I’m currently going through my orange phase and keep collecting lippies in various shades of orange. Not long before this, I had a Fuchsia phase – from all out bright Fuchsia to fuchsia reds to fuchsia tints – collected them all. That’s when I happened to pick this lip gloss too in the shade Fuchsia. I wasn’t expecting to much from this product because it was “just a lip gloss” but was I surprised??! Learn more through this detailed review…

Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

The Product Details (from the website):

A non-sticky luscious lip gloss. Adds transparent, lightweight luster to lips. Provides rich, glamorous colour. Infused with a hint of pleasant flavor. Creates a soft, dewy & shimmering pout.

• Provides sheer, radiant shine color for lips
• Enriched with marine collagen micro-spheres
• Replenishes moisture & boosts volume
• Leaves your lips look fuller & more glamorous
• Wear alone or over lipstick to magnify color
• Dermatologist tested
Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia2


US $15 in US
Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia6


The lip gloss comes in a pot packaging which is a bit of a downer. The packaging consists of a transparent plastic pot with a bright pink screw top. The good thing about the product is that it comes with a seal – ensuring the product is in hygienic condition, untouched by anyone.Ever since my lousy experience with Bourjois and Colourbar where I inadvertently picked products, which had been previously swatched/used – I have been horrified by the experience. And have developed high regard for brands who nip this issue in the bud by providing testers for their customers and providing sealed products to their customers.

There is no applicator or mirror with this packaging.

Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia5

My experience with the Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

Color: The colour is definitely Fuchsia. I expected the colour to be mild and not really show up. However, refer to the pics for how pigmented the colour is. The colour is vibrant pink fuchsia – with no hint of red or plum in it.

The colour has a vibrant sheen to it – not shimmer or sparkle. It feels more like a lipstick in a pot than a lip gloss.

Texture: The texture is glossy and it glides ever so smoothly with no tug or pull. Its easy to apply with a finger but could get messy. Would advise to use a brush for this.

It felt like a hydrating lip balm once on. Actually, in texture, it felt like a pigmented lip balm or creamy lipstick rather than a gloss coz it had more sheen than gloss and no stickiness (which I generally associate with a gloss).

Pigmentation: With the product being touted as a lip gloss, I expected it to be high on gloss and low on pigmentation. However, I was pleasantly surprised with the pigmentation it provided – definitely lesser than a full coverage lipstick but waaaaay better than a gloss. The swatch in the pic is a single swipe of the product on hand as well as the lips…I did not need to build the colour for it to show up. With a lipliner, this could work easily as a lipstick than a gloss.

Lasting power:This is where the issue is – it doesn’t stick around for long. The product lasts about 2 hours and disappears totally with a meal.

To sum this up for you:
Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia1

Pros of Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

1. A beautiful Fuchsiashade – with a sheen.
2. Decent pigmentation
3. It applies easily – no tug or pull!
4. Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips
5. There was no feathering or bleeding
6. Felt hydrating once on
7. Fragrance free

Cons of Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

1. Calvin Klein products are not easily available in India – except online
2. For sake of hygiene, need to use a lip brush to apply this.
3. Not long lasting. Pls note that the Company does not claim it to be long- lasting gloss.
4. Tub packaging
5. Has an artificial fragrance – but it does not last long

Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia3
IMBB Rating:

A 3.5/5 product.

The product works fairly well alone and on top of a matte/satin finish lippy. Its almost a lipstick rather than a lipgloss – medium coverage, nice colour, high shine. I wish they provided this formula in a tube packaging instead. Also, it would make an incredible product to carry if it was more long lasting.

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25 thoughts on “Calvin Klein Ultimate Edge Lip Gloss – Fuchsia

  1. wow recently sephora pantone universe declared vibrant orchid to be color of this year and here you go with this vibrant lip smacking shade.. *clap* *clap* great pick kk.. *jalwa*

  2. what a pretty shade and what a cute pot *whistle* and CK product *drool*
    You explained the color so well, sometimes i feel Iam colour blind *ghost*

    1. I used to have a difficult time explaining colours earlier. Then I started paying more attention to how International bloggers explain the colour – to learn. Even now I sometimes get totally stumped. But everyone has their own way. Like when I went to MAC store, an MUA explained the colour of MAC Minerlize Rich Lipstick Splurge as Onion colour! I wouldnt want to buy an onion coloured lippy!!!!!

  3. Awesome KK! Such good pigmentation from a gloss! And it looks so yummy in the pit. I want to eat it..hihi. You take awesome pics. Which camera do you use?

    1. It looks yummy, no? For once pics have done justice to the product. It looks like a slurrrrpy slush or something!

      For Camera – I alternate between my iPhone 4S and my Digicam (Panasonic Lumix) – depending on availability of the digicam. These are from my iPhone.

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