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I have the below question and would love to receive views from the beautiful and smart IMBB ladies.

One of my friend has a few grey hairs. She has tried colouring her hair which lasts for less than 2 months until the new ones start showing. Also, this process is quite costly. I believe “mehendi” makes the hair orangish. Is there a way to make the hair dark brown or black using “mehendi” The kali mehendi that is available is full of chemicals. What’s the general hair care routine for grey hairs and how often do you colour/apply mehendi to the hair.


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      1. oh…its makes hair orangy…. :yikes: :yikes: Gurpreet, yesterday, I had read in Dr. Jamuna Pai’s article that to delay further greying, one should take calcium pathonate and Biotin supplements. :yahoo: and one should always check ammonia-free hair dyes if one wants to use dye she said O:)

  1. hi.gurpreet.there is no other way except to colour the hair.and that last for nearly 1.5 month.Roots become gray after 20to 25 days of hair colour.if u want to touch up the roots witout colouring ,then can go for shehnaz hussain instant touch up stick to cover grey hair.but it smell bit pungent.but its gud if u want to attend any function and want to instantly touch up the grey hair.

  2. Mehndi does make ur hair orangey. You can use several colours that are available in the market. There a few like Godrej Colorsoft which are ammonia free. It requires touchups every 15 days though…If u find it difficult to apply, ask any of ur frends or family members. Also u have the option of getting it applied at parlours but they charge a bomb. So U could buy ur own hair colour and ask them to apply. Make sure you wash ur hair before every application and condition ur hair after application for the colour to last long
    One quick tip : If you are in a hurry and need to attend some function and do not find the time to apply hair colour then u can use a kajal pencil and apply to the grey strands that are visible. This takes care of them temporarily.
    (All these tips are from my Mom’s Experience . Hope it helps . Cheers :toothygrin: )

  3. Habib has a mehendi in natural black – it costs around rs 200 – you can try that ,but mehendi sort of dries out hair follicles as it coats the hair so moisture cant reach the hair strand easily .There are grey hair camouflage sticks available in some stores – they can be used to camouflage the roots of grey hair for occasions ,but its not a permanent solution . so i guess ammonia-free colour or henna has to be your options.

  4. Gurls..

    Here is a sure shot formula for black hair.. but very very tiresome.

    Soak amla and reetha in water a black, iron vessel overnight. Next morning apply the watery solution to hair and tie your hair. Wash it after a few hours. But remember the solution can stain your clothes and the stains do not go away!

    So you can imagine that if the stains do not go away from clothes.. then it can surely give dar color to your hair. I have tried it and I am glad I have black hair. 🙂

    1. wow surabhi.. thats quite a lot of information. let me try hunting for amla and reetha in bangalore … info in this please..

      1. Rajani..

        If you dont get the reethas.. then yes, you may have to work with reetha powder. But better still try to catch up some reethas from some old market or small towns/villages!

        1. Hi and how about amla. generally the ones we get in market are very juicy. so do we use them or there are some others specifically available..

          1. The ones that are available in the market are the ones you have to use. 🙂

            And since now I have give you a good piece of advice may I now ask you to please check out my blog and LIKE it if possible.. 😉

          2. The ones that are available in the market are the ones you have to use. 🙂

            And since now I have give you a good piece of advice may I now ask you to please check out my blog and LIKE it if possible.. 😉 😉 😉 😉

    1. Manu.. sorry for late reply.

      Yes, you have to soak them in an iron utensil. quantity can be decided based on your length of hair and you have to apply it on the roots of your hair.

      so soak around 4-5 amlas and 8-10 reethas in 2-3 bowls of water for middle length hair.

  5. Why dont you try Indigo powder and Mehendi together?
    Indigo gives out a bluish-black color and henna gives out a reddish color. When indigo is used after Henna, it would turn the hair a deep black. But, this is a non reversible process and the color is supposed to last at least for 3 months.

    I am yet to lay my hands on Indigo powder. Anyone who knows where to get indigo powder (its green powder that supposedly smells like frozen peas) in chennai, please let me know.

  6. Hi Gurpreet….I am also suffering with this prob of premature graying and trust me nothing is helping me out to get natural black hair again…….but I came to know about a trick to get rid of the orangish tint heena leaves after application but I am so double minded to try that coz its quite new to me plus I could not get any evidence about it being good enough for troubled hair ………….like some person sharing it in person or on beauty blogs ……I am suffering hair fall also so I fear it can trigger it further………..but some hundred of websites swear by it. Now since the issue is out it can help me as well if someone on IMBB also approves it.
    The wonder product they use is natural indigo powder………yeah you read it right INDIGO powder. They use it post heena application and this process gives dark black color to hair and as I could read about it this procedure was much popular in some Indian regions years back. May be my Grand –Grand- Grand-Grand Mother was aware about it and forgot to tell this to my Grand-Grand-Grand Mother……………..How much I hate her for this……….. :pissedoff: :pissedoff:
    Here are some links about pics and procedure.
    Your friend can try using this as the products are all natural. AND THE MOST IMPORTANT………..if she uses it and likes it as much as the websites are claiming then please post the experience here so that I also find some heart to use it on my hair………………..No I am not considering her a rat on the experiment table…..but GOD……………… I fear hair loss the most as I have had a very bad experience of having it and still in a shock.

    1. o thats quite a lot of information.. now have to hunt for the indigo powder. thanks for elaborative reponse.. will surely share my friend’s experience here.. :teddy:

      1. You are welcome Gurpreet………..I get so many tips from IMBB so it feels soooooooooo good whenever I find myself able to add in the treasure but yeah IMBB server doesn’t like my comments so they go under moderation all the time. Hard luck I suppose :(( …………………
        About indigo powder availability also I have researched a lot and found it available online………..personally I could not get it in market. But yeah……….I admit I have not done it with 100% dedication for the fear I already shared. In addition whenever I told my husband about ordering it he reprimands me badly for all the torture I kept doing to my hair in past. But I don’t know why I still feel it can help seeing all the results online.
        If your friend feels convinced enough she can order it online from or
        with free worldwide delivery.
        and from where they haven’t given the price for this but seller contact is given and good news is that he is a Delhi based one and your friend can check for distributor near her with him so easy availability again.
        And yeah……… post the experience…………. jaroooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrr……………It will help a lot of girls. (I am standing first in that queue………….. 😀 )

  7. JOMOL…………..I need your help…………..I struggled my lazy bones a lot to type such a long comment and its under moderation process………….

  8. hi,i hv a grey hairs nd i used DESI mehndi free from chemicals,i disolve mehndi with tea water nd keep it over nite nxt day aply on hairs nd keep it for min 4 hours then wash hairs with simple plain water then after few hours wen hairs r still lil wet aply oil .nd in the next morning i shampoo my hair.the result is no dryness just shinny,silky nd beautifull hair

  9. sum1 reviewed Lush’s sum mehndi sort of thing for this same purpose… u can chk tht revu :specs: … i dont hav this prob as yet but want to giv tht thing a shot once the time arrives 😉

  10. hi I have the same problem, I use Loreal Excellence creme in black once in three months. But I do agree that greys would start showing up after three weeks of application so I use shahnaz hussain root touch up and tats a ok ok product to camouflage greys. the drawback of mehndi is that if u apply mehndi u cant use hair colours or dyes for about 6 months ( I find this warning in all hair color instruction leaflet)

  11. Henna and dyes are all fine but take time
    if you are going out on a important date or a party and you suddenly notice gray hair then just take out your unused mascara and apply it on the gray strands

    I have tried this with covergirl mascara it didnt cause any irritation or damage

    but dont do it regularly just on dose emergencies

  12. hey Gurpreet,

    Stick to the henna indigo application. That is the safest way to dye grey hair in the best possible safe way. I have tried Ammonia free colours, Lush Caca Noir ( henna plus indigo) but it failed to cover greys, Vegatal colour (henna plus indigo again) from AMA herbals
    I tried the brown shade in Vegetal hair colour. It made my hair less orangish than Henna. They do have burgundy and black shade as well.
    Next on my experiment list is the henna indigo application. You can buy indigo from India or if abroad fm Amazon or Ebay. These sites have a zillion reviews and henna indigo application ideas.
    Alternatively check Henna Sooq, Henna for Hair, and Mehandi sites for more info on it. Hope this helps.

    1. thanks a bunch.. I really appreciate the inputs from all the gals here.. will surely post my friends experiences here once she acheives good results :specs:

  13. I use Indigo powder and henna to camouflage my colored streaks (which have faded to brown color after a year)..I order it from Chennai..have phone number of a person who will parcel it to you. Chennai is a big production hub for Indigo powder so you will get genuine and cheap indigo from there. tell me if anyone needs the mobile number of the dealer.

  14. Hi,just came across this post when i was searching for suppliers of indigo.Am based in delhi and have used normal henna and was pretty happy with it.I’v recently noticed that i’v gotten greys near my hairline:(.Tried using lush’s caca noir but a orangish brown was all i got:(,and even that’s fading now.please please give me names of any indigo powder suppliers that you trust.

  15. you can even use shahnaz Hussain colour Veda or colour the grey which you can order from Amazon or which is 2 way henna and indigo process

    Anu can you share the number of the person who.delivers pure indigo

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