Can you Actually Repair Split Ends?

Happiness is a day when you can’t stop glancing at the mirror and everything is falling just right and of course happiness is also when you are having a good hair day! The real secret to a good hair day is well-behaved hair without any frizziness or split ends. Split ends is a common hair concern and the texture and length of hair doesn’t matter, they still show up! When left untreated, they make hair appear dull, dry and lacklustre. There are so many ways to treat your split ends and to prevent new ones from showing up, but the question is can you actually repair split ends? Find out below! Also you’ll know methods and ways to to keep your hair sleek, shiny, and most importantly “healthy.”

Can you Actually Repair Split Ends

Can you Actually Repair Split Ends?
When a piece of hair that is split is observed under a microscope, it looks like a piece of wood that is fractured with many ridges and edges. So scientifically, you cannot fix the damage that has already been done! The only and REAL cure for split ends is trimming it off, but with a little care and effort, damaged hair can look and feel as healthy as possible. Here are a few tips to cover up and prevent split ends:

1. Rule no 1 #follow tips from the experts: Shampoo and condition like a pro! According to one of the best hairstylist in Midwest, when you cleanse the scalp, concentrate on applying the shampoo only to the roots, gently working it down the strand. As hair ends are mostly dry, you don’t need to focus too much on the ends, because even the most expensive shampoo isn’t going to help your split ends. Also after applying your conditioner, use a wide-toothed comb and gently brush your hair. This way, you’ll evenly distribute the conditioner on every strand. Rinse the hair with cold water as it would help to seal the cuticle. You will surely notice that the hair is less frizzy and shinier when dry, and much easier to style. Towel drying can cause more split ends so it’s advised to gently pat it dry.
2. Rule no. 2 #use a hair-repair conditioner: Invest in a hair repairing shampoo and conditioner. We’re listing a few well related conditioners for damaged frizzy hair.

3. Rule no.3 – Avoid Heat styling: I know this could be tougher than quitting smoking but at least you could avoid using your hot tool as much as possible. Since you can’t put down your tools, use a hair serum that not only protects your hair, but also harnesses the heat and uses it to repair your hair.

4. Rule no.4 – Mask your hair: When your hair is dull and dry, try some hair mask to add some life and shine. Listing a few hair mask to try:

You can also try these homemade hair masks to treat dry and brittle hair and prevent split ends from showing up in the future.

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Here are some more effective ways to get rid of split ends:

Hope this article helps you achieve good hair day everyday! Thanks for reading!


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