How Can I Care for my Skin at Night?

In today’s busy lifestyle, if you want flawless and clear skin, it’s imperative to put in extra effort and time to take care of your skin. But in this article, we are going to discuss extremely simple ways to upgrade your night-time skin routine which would give you beautiful skin in return. The following tips are very simple, would help you to take care of your skin at night, and the best part, it hardly takes 5-10 minutes. So lets get started!

1. Double cleanse your skin: You need to invest in a mild oil-based cleanser to remove all the makeup, dirt, and grime efficiently. People with oily skin can also use an oil-based cleanser. It’s a good idea to use bi-phased micellar water to take down the makeup. Our suggestion would be Garnier Micellar Bi-Phase Cleansing Water. Simply shake the micellar bottle and remove some product on a cotton pad, gently rub all over the face to remove makeup and dirt. After this step, using a good face wash or foaming cleanser to take down residual makeup and oil. Removing the makeup is not enough, use a gentle facial cleanser to get rid of any left over residue, we suggest Cetaphil, Moiz cleanser, The Face Shop Rice Water Face Wash.

3. Exfoliate: This is another step which can be followed on twice a week basis as exfoliating skin on an everyday basis is not recommended. Massage the exfoliator for 1 to 2 minutes in circular motion and rinse off. Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and reveals fresh and healthy skin from beneath. You can also try some homemade exfoliating masks for that much needed glow.

4. Moisturize: You are free to use any moisturiser of your choice, you can also use night creams, facial oils or serum as your night cream. Using a night cream regularly will improve the texture and appearance of the skin and will make the skin well hydrated and supple. Using a moisturiser or serum on a regular basis will keep the skin younger for longer!

5. Eye Cream: Since the area around the eyes is very delicate and needs extra care as they tend to shows signs of ageing first, an eye cream should be applied at night to provide ample hydration and moisturization to the skin, and to keep puffy eyes at bay.

6. Get some beauty sleep: Getting a good dose of sleep regulates blood pressure and reduces inflammation in the body. Resting well keeps the skin youthful and brighter.

7. Drink plenty of water: Women with clear skin reveal swear by water as their secret weapon to achieve flawless skin. Consuming lots of water throughout the day helps to hydrate the skin from within. Go to bed by drinking a warm glass of water, you can also add 1 tbsp of apple cider vinegar to the water. Not only your skin, your other organs will thank you for it!


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