Can Coconut Oil Fix Split Ends?

The benefits of coconut oil as a magical potion is undisputed. Most of us find coconut oil is irreplaceable for so many reasons. Every woman’s worst nightmare is fighting with split ends. It is really heartbreaking to head to the salon for a haircut to get rid of these damaging split ends, but is shortening the length of hair the only way to get rid of split ends? Can’t we use the magical potion, that is coconut oil to fix these split ends without compromising hair’s length. Today’s article will answer you this inevitable question, can coconut oil fix split ends Let’s find out the solution.

Coconut Oil Fix Split Ends

Can Coconut Oil Fix Split Ends?
There are a number of reasons why beauty enthusiasts find coconut oil as a super-effective food for hair. The combination of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and hydrating properties make it more effective than any other hair oil out there. Coconut oil is a combination of saturated fats of medium-chain fatty acids. These fatty acids when applied on to the hair produce a protective film for strengthening, conditioning, preventing and repairing split ends.

Does Coconut Oil Really Cure Split Ends?
There are many products available in the market which claim to fix split ends, but trust us, they really don’t work as per the claims. Even coconut oil won’t help you to fix split ends, it can only conceal frayed ends for a short period of time. It actually helps to smoothen out the split ends temporarily. You have to apply a small amount to the ends of your hair and the oil adds a nice shine and smoothness to cover the damage. It is more like a protective shield but not a permanent solution.

The bitter truth is coconut oil would not repair split ends. The only permanent and quickest solution is to chop off the damaged ends a bit. You can temporarily mend or hide the appearance of split ends with things like oils, serums, conditioners, etc. but again, eventually they have to be cut to get the hair back to its healthy state. Sounds disheartening, right!!

How To Prevent Split Ends?
Though coconut oil cannot fix your split ends problem, it can surely help to prevent further split end issues if you incorporate it in your beauty routine. The way to use it is pretty simple. All we need are kitchen ingredients to prepare a coconut oil DIY hair mask. The molecular structure of coconut oil is small and rich in proteins, so it penetrates the hair shaft deeper, getting past the cuticle, repairing the damage from the core. Additionally, this recipe will make your hair thicker, add shine and manageability, cause less breakage, and tangles. In the long run, it will also reduce the split ends problem as coconut oil gives deep conditioning to the shafts.

How To Prepare DIY Coconut Hair Mask?
You have to make sure that you have sufficient time for this deep conditioning treatment. The longer you keep, the better results you can get. Wash your hair and let it air dry. Brush your hair thoroughly to make sure you get rid of tangles, in order to make the mask way easier to apply.

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  • 1 tablespoon of Honey.
  • 2 parts Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (depending on your hair length).
  • 1 part Argan oil/almond oil.


  • Mix the coconut oil, the honey and the argan oil/almond oil in a small bowl.
  • Apply the mixture to the hair, focusing on the ends and midsection of the hair. You don’t have to use it on the scalp if you are not having hair loss problems.
  • Wrap your hair in a bun, cover with a shower cap or a warm towel.
  • Leave this mask for about 45 minutes.
  • If you have dry strands, you can also use it as an overnight conditioning treatment.
  • Rinse out during shower and shampoo to remove the build-up.
  • Style as usual.
  • You can use this treatment once or twice a week.

Can Coconut Oil Fix Split Ends? The answer to the main question is “no.” Coconut oil can never fix your split ends, however, it can prevent split ends from happening. For women with longer hair, split ends occur more frequently, so take good care. Coconut oil or any kind of leave-in treatments are good to repair hair and lessen damage and hence a temporary solution to curb split ends. Also, minimize heat exposure, don’t over wash, be gentle when combing and be cautious while styling your hair. So, the solution is regular trims are needed to combat split ends but with the addition of coconut oil , split ends problem can be hold back for longer duration as eventually your hair quality becomes healthier. Hope this article cleared your doubts.


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