Can I put my Perfume in the Fridge?

Who doesn’t want to smell good all day long? A good scent can not only make you smell awesome, it can increase your confidence manifold. You should consider your perfume bottles no less than statement pieces, and store them away from heat and light to lengthen their shelf life to preserve their scent and quality. It’s often recommended to store perfumes in a cool and dry place, but is your refrigerator the best place to store your expensive perfumes. We will answer your question whether you can put perfume in the fridge to preserve its scent and quality.

Perfume in the Fridge

How To Store Your Perfume Bottles?
Just like food and cosmetic products; perfumes do come with their own shelf life and need a cool and dry place to be stored. Yes  you can put your perfume in the fridge. It’s actually the best place to store your perfumes. The ingredients in the perfume to break down within time and exposure to light whether natural or artificial and also excessive heat may affect the perfume. It may be surprising but perfumes remain fresh for longer when stored in the fridge. Even the one made with essential oils can be kept in fridge. Set the fridge temperature to moderate since chilly temperature could damage the product. Avoid exposing your perfumes to extreme cold or heat because either may effect their delicate balance. Perfume Notes can be altered by extreme temperatures.

Where else can I store my perfume bottles?
You can safely store perfumes or fragrances in cool, dry spaces away from direct sunlight places such as cupboards, dressing drawers, dark closets. Avoid places such as bathroom since it is warm and moist and also windows sills because perfumes will come in direct exposure to sunlight.

Tips to Make Perfume Last Longer:

  • Spray your perfume on wrist and neck, or simply spray in the air and walk through it, after spraying do-not rub the perfume, because rubbing may cause the top note to disappear quickly.
  • Another way to make your perfume last longer is by moisturising your pulse points before spraying your perfume.
  • Wanna smell good from top till bottom? Simply spray your perfume on your hair-brush and brush it through your hair. Donot apply directly to the hair since alcohol can damage the hair.
  • Bottles labelled with body spray, eau de cologne, or eau de toilette has a low concentration of fragrance oils and are soft scent, and won’t last longer. Eau de parfum and extrait de parfum are on a stronger side and last longer.

Hope this article helps you to store your perfumes adequately and makes you smell beautiful all day long!


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