Can you Lower your Hairline?



A large forehead is believed to be a sign of intelligence, but some people do not like this feature on themselves even though they are endowed with proportionate features. It makes them feel conscious of themselves, adversely affecting their confidence levels. Other than that, people with broad foreheads often complain of the limited choices of hairstyles to try out. Reasons for broad foreheads or higher hairlines include, family/genetic reasons and hair loss (which is hardly surprising, considering all the pollution and compromised quality of products that we use on our heads- shampoos, conditioners, hair oils, hair gels, hair dyes etc.). Receding hairline, whether it’s due to genetics, ageing or hair loss, can happen to each one of us. But aren’t there any remedies to have hair growth on the large forehead? Our today’s question of discussion will be based on this which is: “Can you lower your hairline?” And what are the means and methods of doing so, let’s find out the answer in the post itself.

Can You Lower your Hairline

Some of the popular methods of lowering your hairlines are:

1. Non-Surgical methods:

  • Applying minoxidil-based solutions prescribed by doctors: This drug can be taken by both men and women but should only be taken under strict medical supervision. Also known as Rogaine, the solution needs to be applied onto your scalp where there has been hair loss. It can help stop your hair from receding even further. In some cases, it also helps in hair regrowth.
  • Herbal remedies: Herbal preparations made from Chinese hibiscus, ginseng, gotu kala, gooseberry, and aloe vera are every popular in ancient ayurveda and help in the growth of fuller and healthier hair. If you have receding hairline, you should consider mixing these herbs together in an oil-based solution. They act as effective hair loss treatments and help in lowering your hairlines. This method works better if your hairline has not been receding since birth.
  • Dosage of finasteride or dutasteride: These medications are available in pill form. The main task of these drugs is to reduce the amount of testosterone in your body that are responsible for increase in hair loss. They are more effective than minoxidil, however dutasteride is generally more effective than finasteride.
  • Indulge in essential oil remedies: Essential oils don’t directly help to lower your hairline, but can help to achieve fuller and healthier hair. Essential oils of rosemary oil, peppermint oil and lavender oil help to promote hair growth. Researches have showed that application of essential oil on the scalp have been found to be promising treatments for a receding hairline. These oils should be mixed with a carrier oil, such as almond oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil, prior to application.
  • Taking biotin supplements:  Biotin supplements do not directly help in hair regrowth, but they are quite useful in regaining back hair in areas where there has been hair loss. Biotin supplements help to thicken hair strands, making them stronger, which in turn prevents their loss. Try to include biotin-rich foods in your diet like cooked eggs, sardines, nuts, soybeans, legumes, bananas, and mushrooms. You can also directly consume biotin tablets from any medical store after consulting your doctor and knowing the right dosage as per your age.

Surgical Methods:

  • Grafting hair: In this procedure, you get hair grafted to your advancing forehead, which is carried out in successive steps by gradually increasing layers of hair over the hairline. It is not really a hairline lowering procedure per say, it is more of an alternative to hairline lowering surgery.
  • Hairline Lowering/ Forehead Reduction Surgery: It is also as Surgical Hairline Advancement or Foreheadplasty, this method involves removing a 2-3 cm thick part of the skin, right next to the hairline, and then stitching back the remaining skin together, to give the effect of a lowered hairline or reduced forehead. The procedure leaves behind an almost imperceptible scar, which fades away over a period of a few weeks.
  • Low-level light therapy: In this process, lasers are used to stimulate hair growth on your scalp. People who have receding hairline due to hair loss can try out this method and this it proved to be really effective. The laser signal that is send to the hair cells helps to initiate the “anagen” (growth) phase of hair follicles.
  • Women are generally considered more ideal candidates for the aforementioned procedures, however, men with thick hairlines and no family history of premature hair loss are also well suited for these procedures.

There are a bunch of do’s and don’ts that must be adhered to prior and post-surgery for best results. Diet sans alcohol and smoking is one such instance. It is best to consult a board certified plastic surgeon to go over the details before going under the knife.

However, a word of caution is in order with regards to the realistic expectations from such a procedure. It is highly advisable not to be swayed by post-operative pictures because sometimes they are misleading and deceptive, giving a one-dimensional look of the surgery. It is best to discuss matters with those who have already undergone the procedure. Again if you are prone to scarring, it is advisable not to undergo the procedure. Furthermore, there might be some swelling, bleeding and slight pain (nothing that prescribed oral medicines can’t help you deal with) to keep it real.

So, the answer to the query, ‘can you lower your hairline?’ is a resounding, “yes!” While non-surgical methods of lowering of hairlines may not be beneficial to all, surgical methods of hairline lowering procedures have been around for some time with thousands of satisfied customers. It is safe and mostly effective although quite expensive. Now, it is up to you to decide which approach of lowering your hairline do you wish to follow. Well what do you think of today’s article? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Keep reading beauties, Bye.


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