How Can I Tone my Abs Fast?

Abs are the prime target areas when it comes to looking good in swimwear, lehengas, in fact in every outfit. A lot of us dream about washboard flat abs, but it is impossible to tone abs easily without taking care of the pre and post workout regimen. Excessive exercising and rapid fat loss are also unhealthy and unsuccessful way to tone the abs. Here are a few useful tips to tone abs quickly, we will tell you how to tone abs fast.

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1. Start Small: Begin the abs workouts in small reps and gradually increase them periodically. Do not immediately start with big reps. After a while, add small weights to the workouts in the form of ankle weights or dumbbells. Increase the weight and reps to achieve the toned look faster.

2. Change the Diet: Strictly follow a diet which does not have processed food or unhealthy fats. Consume a diet rich in protein, fibre and healthy carbs. Eat lean protein, low-fat dairy, green vegetables, fruits and grains. Avoid foods that cause bloating, especially on days when you want to show off your midriff.

3. Take Enough Rest: All muscles need adequate rest to repair and become stronger. It is advisable to not work the abs twice in a row. Always give a day’s rest in between to allow for recovery. Overworking the abs always runs the risk of injury.

4. Change the Routine Often: Do not stick to a certain abs routine for more than four to six weeks. Change the routine to allow all possible muscles to be worked upon. Add yoga or pilates to your workout every week. This will help to build resilience and flexibility. It is also a great way to relax.

5. Work Your Core: Strengthening the core is vital for being able to sustain for longer during workouts and doing larger reps. Squats and planks are some of the easiest exercises that can be incorporated into the routine that will adequately strengthen the core. Crunch chop, mountain climbers, flutter kicks, frog crunches, knee to elbow kickbacks, rope climb crunches, knee hugs, half knee diagonal chops, planks with side tap outs, straight arm twist resistors, body saws, bridges with alternating leg extension can all tone your abs and give you flat belly.


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