Can I Use Dry Shampoo Everyday?

Dry shampoo is a magical hair product that can freshen up greasy and third-day hair in an instant. Who would have ever thought that it would just take a few spritz to make hair fabulous and fresh all over again without the lengthy process of shampooing. Dry shampoo saves time, energy, and water! Happy you and happy planet! Dry shampoo also adds texture and volume to almost any hairstyle, as long as you are using it appropriately. There are some common mistakes that most of us while using dry shampoo which can lead to dandruff-like flakes or a generally chalky effect. Also, we’re going to answer if it’s okay to use dry shampoo everyday?

Use Dry Shampoo Everyday

What is Dry Shampoo?
Dry shampoo is a type of shampoo which removes greasiness/oiliness from hair without using water. It is basically in a powder form and can be sprayed on to hair directly to freshen up hair. Dry shampoo often has a base of corn starch or rice starch and help to give the effect of freshly-shampooed hair in a matter of a few minutes.

Can I Use Dry Shampoo Daily?
Dry shampoo is used in between hair washes. For example, if you shampoo today and your hair looks greasy the other day, you could dry-shampoo your hair. You can use it once or twice in between your hair washes. However, relying completely on dry shampoo and using it on a daily basis is NOT recommended. Using dry shampoo too often can be detrimental because it would cause product buildup and can eventually clog your follicles leading to hair fall and other hair issues, which is not good for hair-health. So it’s advised to use it just once or twice between hair washes, so that your scalp gets clean of all oil, dirt, and grime.

Mistakes to Avoid While Using Dry Shampoo:
1. Spraying too close to the scalp: To evenly distribute dry shampoo on your hair and avoid getting a chalky white look, experts recommend holding the dry shampoo spray two to three inches away from your scalp to prevent it from clumping. After spraying, wait for a minute and rub it in with your fingers to break up the formula.

2. Using too much product: A good dose of dry shampoo can make it look clean and fresh, but using too much on hair will make your hair look dull and lacklustre. Use small portions of spray and spray more if required, as it’s easier to add more than to remove excess, so just dry shampoo bit by bit, then wait for a minute and add more if your hair still feels greasy.

3. Not massaging properly: It’s important to run your fingers through the hair and massage the the dry shampoo into the roots and scalp, because if you don’t, it would just settle on to the top of your hair and wouldn’t be as effective.

4. Using the wrong Dry Shampoo Colour: If you’re using a wrong coloured dry shampoo, it may look like you attended a class 2 lecture with dusted chalk all over your hair, but the good news is most tinted dry shampoos come in a lot of color variants including blonde, brunette, and black. Pick a color that’s close to your hair color or just use a neutral dry shampoo.

5. Applying on the wrong part of the hair: Don’t spray dry shampoo all over your hair, just stick to the top area, especially crown area. Because that is only part where there is oil/grease. Hair ends are mostly dry, so applying dry shampoo would make it look too stiff and lustreless.

6. Rubbing it immediately after Spritzing: Don’t just spray and massage, give the product a chance to work into your hair, let it sit for a minute before you massage and rub it in, and then brush or comb it through.

Hope you always have a good hair day! Thanks for reading!


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