Can Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer Be Your Go-To Hair Dryer?

Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer

Hello everyone,

Winters have arrived and I am already down with cold. Sometimes I wonder what great immunity power I have. :-P. Anyway, today I am about to share with you my experience of Vega Go Handy Hair Dryer. I was not looking for a very professional hair styling tool, because I rarely use such things, all thanks to my more than waist length hair. I can’t style them on my own, I have to visit the salon for sure. But still being a girl I can’t resist buying such things, especially when somebody say, OMG you do not have a hair dryer. So I bought this handy tool which can be used once in a while.


Product Claims: The Vega Go Handy Hair Dryer is great for creating styles on the go. It is compact and light weight. This dryer features 2 speed/ heat integrated switch and air flow settings for styling versatility.

  • Safety automatic overheat cut
  • Convenient and foldable handle
  • Powerful air flow

Product Description: I couldn’t find any catchy color in the dryer, so I ended up buying a typical black and grey piece. The handle of the dryer has grey colored 2 speed/ heat integrated switch numbered as 1 and 2. The nozzle on the front of the dryer is oval in shape so as to direct the air flow in the right direction. It is also detachable. The cord is long enough to work with ease. Written on the main body is the brand name and on the handle are mentioned the other specifications.

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My Experience With Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer:

Before I share my experience of this styling tool, let le first describe my hair texture. I told you my hair length is more than my waist length, and the texture is a bit on the rough side. The moment I wash them they turn to be more voluminous, which after drying get difficult to manage, if left open. Also, it is extremely difficult for me to straighten with only a hair straightener.

The hair dryer is good at its job would be my opening line. I can get completely dry hair from wet (direct out of shower) in maximum of 10 minutes, again as I said all thanks to the great length of my hair. But keep in mind, for this you have to switch to the number 2 speed control button. The air flow is well controlled with the help of nozzle at the front end of the dryer.

Can Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer Be Your Go-To Hair Dryer 3

Before I straighten my hair, I now usually dry them with my regular round hair brush while directing the dryer from upwards to lowed end. Though you don’t get that complete semi straight hair like one we get in salon but to some extent it works that way. At least to the point where I can manage my hair with a straightener easily. But girlies please be sure to maintain a comfortable tension between your hair and the brush to achieve a sleek, semi straight hair look.

Also the hair dryer works well in styling the hair around your face, as we can easily roll the layers in forward on the brush while drying the hair. The style created works for good 1-2 hours, after which the hair start dropping in their normal position.

Can Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer Be Your Go-To Hair Dryer 4

Pros of Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer:

  • Heat control buttons are well designed to give you the full control of air flow.
  • Since it is foldable and light in weight, it is actually very easy to carry and is extremely travel friendly.
  • If you running short of time, it will work as a saviour to style your hair in just few minutes.
  • Easy on pocket
  • No matter how it works, it has 2 year warranty from the company.

Cons of Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer:

  • Styling done with the help of this hair dryer, doesn’t stays for long.
  • The body of hair dryer is very plastic and I am afraid it would break from one or the other corner once it falls on the floor.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/ 5.

Would I Recommend Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer?

Overall it is nice hair styling tool if you are not a great fan of using such things every day and end up using it once in a while.

Final Verdict: It is an average hair styling tool which can be used once in a while.

Can Vega Go Handy 1200 Hair Dryer Be Your Go-To Hair Dryer 2


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