Can I Wash my Hair 48 Hours after Keratin Treatment?

Kertain treatment is one of the most popular hair smoothening treatments available at salon these days. Just as is the case with other treatments, keratin treatment also comes with a huge list of do’s and don’ts, and these rules vary from people from people. Do make sure to double check with your keratin expert about the dos and dont’s because it will determine the course and longevity of your keratin treatment. Following are some of the most important tips which everyone should remember while going for keratin treatment:

Wash Hair 48 Hours after Keratin Treatment

1. Waiting time: It is advisable to wait for at least 6-8 days before you wash your hair post keratin treatment. If you go for immediate washing, then the keratin protein will strip away from your hair and your hair will be back to its original form in a short span. 6-8 days is what keratin protein takes to penetrate into your hair and give you a complete makeover, washing your hair before that time will considerably reduce the effect.

2. Not only shampooing, there are other things that can also damage your hair. Too much hair styling can damage the keratin effect on your hair. Also, don’t touch your hair a lot. Avoid working out for a week as the sweat can make your hair sticky and decrease the life of keratin treatment.

3. Don’t oil your hair either. Oiling will reduce the effect of keratin treatment.

4. Dry shampoo – Dry shampoos are also not advised for one week after keratin treatment. Dry shampoo will take away the oil and moisture from your hair and will wash away keratin from your.

Thus, waiting for a minimum of 6-8 days will give best results out of your keratin treatment. During this time, you should not wash your hair and washing your hair within 48 hours is definitely not recommended.


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