Can Water Make you Lean and Slim?

Get Lean and Slim with Water

By Cidra K.

Are you constantly worried about your weight? Have you tried almost everything to get into the shape you desire? Do you envy celebrities for having those well-toned and beautiful bodies? Want to know their secret? It is undoubtedly, water! Many questions arise on this topic as how water can help you with weight loss? The answer is simple, WATER is one of the most natural ways to get rid of the extra weight that you may carry, this is because, water is loaded with essential nutrients and compounds that the body requires. The body relies on water for many functions and all of us know that our body incorporates about 60-70 percent of water. So, when the right amount of water is consumed, the person automatically starts to see a visible improvement in their bodies.


It is not going to magically turn you skinny; you need to be consistent with the quantity so as to see results. You no longer have to go on crash diets or workout more than your body can handle, because consuming water will get the extra job done for you. So here comes the million dollar question, how much water to drink in a day? This is the most frequently asked question regarding weight loss and much has been talked about on this topic, however, the opinions and studies vary. The most popular concept over a decade has been, consuming at least eight glasses of water per day. The concept however depends and varies based on the average weight of different people and the level of water consumption must be adjusted accordingly.


Reasons why you must drink eight glasses of water in a day?

– When water consumption is inadequate, it leads to overeating and frequent food cravings, which eventually add those extra pounds to your body. Consuming the right amount of water will help with frequent hunger pangs and control binging, thus helping you eat less and lose weight.
– Water is an answer for people who constantly look for ways to get healthy and clear skin. It is important that the person keeps hydrated from within all the times, so it shows on your body and skin, because what goes inside your body shows on the outside.

– Water helps the body function properly, gives the body the nutrient boost it requires and flushes out the toxins. Water is responsible for regenerating and revitalizing our bodies and it is the most effortless way to get rid of the extra body weight, without having to work extra hard. Now who does not crave that?

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However, it must be kept in mind that you cannot expect to get immediate results as you did not gain all that weight in a day, similarly, you are not going to get rid of it so easily. Consistency is key and you will see results slowly but surely. So, if you really want to get those extra kilos off, do not count your calories and instead check how much water to drink in a day because in the end it is the nutrients in water that count to make you feel and look your best while adding years to your life.
Has it changed the way I feel?


Off course! I had always been someone who consumed the least amount of water, I would just ignore the fact that it really does help, only if we are consistent! Since I’ve started consuming it in right quantities, I’ve noticed that;

1. I feel a lot better, less lethargic.
2. My body stays hydrated.
3. I have been able to maintain my ideal weight.
4. Skin looks younger and clearer!! Yaay! 😀 😀 *BONUS*.

So what are you waiting for girls?

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12 thoughts on “Can Water Make you Lean and Slim?

  1. Absolutely correct cidra.. 8 glasses of water a day is a must. U have summed up every point fantastically… Clear skin with regular consumption of water is truly a brownie point…

  2. such a motivating post it is Cidra …. I can actualy support evry word of yours … also will my body …. I too was a no water person .. bt nw I m a water hoarder ….. meko paani ki bhook lagti h ab … seriously
    …. nd u won’t believe evry mornng my keeps on saying “kidneys ko nehlana h kya” :-);-):-D;-)

  3. So true Cidra! I even have a water reminder app on my phone 😛 But with time your body learns to give signals to you that you should drink water.

  4. I am not going to waste a minute 🙂 will start it from today 🙂 thank u cidra for this valuable post 🙂 how much exactly will we lose weight on consumption of 8 glass of water for one month ? Also jus clarify is it better to take 2 glasse of water first on ur empty stomach early morning n remaining 6 glasses later ? How does it work ?

  5. It’s been a month I have been drinking 4ltrs water everyday… and I cant believe I have lost 7kgs..!!! Initially nothing I did could alter my weight. .. even a fever!! My dresses would loosen up after a fever but my weight, always the same!
    That’s wen I started drinking water and as u have mentioned in d post, I dont feel Iike snacking at all.. highly recommended easiest, healthiest and safest way to love your body..

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