Can you Do Rica Waxing On The Face?

In this post, we will talk about something that has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. It has to do with the concern regarding Rica waxing and whether it is safe/advisable to wax your face with it. So let us begin with the most important question, which is “can you do Rica waxing on the face?”

wax with rica

What is Rica Waxing?
Also known as white chocolate wax, it is made of vegetable oils and plant-based ingredients. In other words, it is all natural, organic and quite safe otherwise vis-a-vis to application on skin in contrast to all the artificial cosmetic variety of waxes available. It was first made in Italy and today, it is used abundantly in beauty salons and parlors.

How is Rica Wax different from other types of waxes?
Rica is quite different from all other types of waxes available out there in the market in quite a few respects. Firstly, it does not contain colophony, which is a type of resin that sometimes is reported to trigger allergic dermatitis. Rica wax is calming unlike other varieties – it does not cause too much pain. It is skin friendly and hence doesn’t result in inflammation. Lastly, since this variety is thicker than all the other types of hair removal waxes, makes it easier for us to strip the hair from its roots.

Can Rica Wax be used on the Face?
Firstly, since it comes free of colophony, it ensures painless removal of hair. This type of wax also does not involve much heating before usage which means it is highly suitable for skin types that are prone to skin burns due to waxing. As the question of discussion is whether you can use Rica wax on the face, this type of wax scores over others because of its super-nourishing nature and ability to handle super-sensitive skin. Also, skin facial skin is quite delicate, Rica wax being gentler to skin is pretty safe to use. Though this type of facial waxing is quite expensive, if you have no problem with the budget, then it is best to wax your face with Rica wax. Rica wax is also available in several flavors white chocolate, aloe vera, dark chocolate, argan oil, etc. which allows you to pamper your skin.

How do we wax our face with Rica?
We can wax our faces in the usual way that we do with other varieties of wax. We do not need to adopt any special measure or technique. It is best to bear in mind here as a first-hand user that waxing, it is best to get Rica wax done by an expert and trained professional. If you wax with Rica, you are good to be hairless for at least three to four weeks and you shall be in the possession of fresh, clean and beautiful skin for quite a long time.

Is it safe to use Rica Wax on the Face?
Considering all the pros and benefits of Rica wax, we can conclude with confidence that Rica wax is totally safe for use, even for the purposes of facial waxing. The chances of allergic reaction is minimum compared to other hair removal waxes and the user gets to have clean and fresh, and smooth skin.

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