Can You Use Conditioner as a Hair Mask?

The never-ending desire to achieve thoroughly hydrated strands starts with the usage of hair conditioning products. No matter what the texture of your hair is and whether it is untreated, virgin or frequently styled, a conditioner can amp up your hair washing game and should never be skipped. In case you have really dry and frizzy hair, a conditioner becomes a must to use every time you shampoo your hair. This not only makes hair frizz-free and manageable but also keeps dryness out of the way. The bone of contention between a conditioner and a hair mask is that they both supply moisture and nutrients to the hair. Now the question arises if both these products perform the same task, can I use a conditioner as a hair mask? The question seems really intriguing and you will find the answer in this post itself.

Can You Use Conditioner as a Hair Mask

Conditioning your hair is definitely the most important step in any hair-care routine. Not only does it ensure healthier and stronger hair in the longer run, but it definitely gives an intense moisture treatment to the shafts. So, can a conditioner be used in the place of hair mask?

The basic difference between a hair conditioner and a mask is the presence of an increased level of hydrating ingredients in a hair mask. These ingredients are more on the heavier side like oils, butters, wax whereas a hair conditioner offers more of a light-weight hair care treatment. Since a hair mask offers a high density of nourishment, you will experience quicker product build-up and it can also weigh your hair down if you have limp hair.

A hair mask shows quicker results in hydrating your strands whereas a conditioner has to be left on for really long to get the same output. Hence, a conditioner may not able to provide that intense hydration that you get from a hair mask within a shorter frame of time, but it definitely performs roles on the same lines as that of a hair mask. In case you have really thin hair, it is advisable to use hair conditioners more as they can be rinsed out easily unlike hair masks.

How can a conditioner be used as a hair mask?
A conditioner totally helps to lock-in moisture to your strands, but to get the “mask-like” effect, you have to use it on wet hair and leave it for as long as possible. You can even put a shower cap, leave it overnight and sleep with it. The longer you keep, the more time it gets to process moisture around the shafts. Next morning, you can simply rinse off the product normally and witness smoother, shinier hair.

The final answer to the question is “Yes”. You can definitely use a conditioner as a hair mask and skip investing in a separate hair product. It can give similar results but you would have to keep it for a longer time-frame. Hope this cleared all your doubts and myths about using hair conditioner as a hair mask.


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