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I am excited to bring you the review of a newly launched eyeshadow palette from Canmake! It is marketed as ‘matte shadow’ and I got so excited that I immediately bought it! This palette also goes a step further and says on the package that you can complete your entire eye look with this palette alone. That is quite a big claim! Let’s see if it lives up to it.

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review3

Product Description:
All you need for perfect eye makeup. New! A palette of 5 glitter-free matte eye colors that you can use as eyeshadows, brow liners and eyeliners!

A glitter-free matte finish that imitates the texture of your skin. Melts into your skin, expressing natural nuances of shade. You can use all 5 of them as eyeshadows. Contains beautifying ingredients.


My Experience with Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Palette:

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review

The palette comes in a similar packaging to the Shiny Eyes Palette, as in they are both plastic. This palette, however, has a small mirror and a dual ended sponge tip and brush tip. The packaging is a bit flimsy, I would say because I dropped it once (I am extremely clumsy) and have not been able to get the top back on properly. I would not recommend this for travel at all.

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review1

You guys already know how I feel about their regular shiny eyes palette. But, I was really excited that Canmake has finally jumped on to the Western matte eyeshadow trend. About time, Canmake! 😛 This was launched on May 7 and there are 2 versions of this palette.

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review2

Out of the 2 versions of the matte palettes, I got the one in 01. The lightest shade in the palette, called ‘Base’, is a frosty white eyeshadow and is between shimmery and satin finish. It does have a slight bit of glitter, so it is not completely glitter-free as they claim.  The colour right next to it called ‘Main’ is a light peach-toned brown. It absolutely blends in with my skin tone, so does the shade ‘Accent’. The shades ‘Accent’, ‘Eyebrow’ and ‘Eyeliner’ are just each one shade darker than the previous shade in the palette and they are all standard shades of brown. All the shades are exactly as they describe for their target audience (fair to medium skin tones).

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review3

What I love about all the shadows in this palette is that if you touch the shadows, they feel so creamy to the touch in the pan. But, when you go to swatch them, they are powdery. So you can expect fallout with these. I recommend tapping the brush off each time you pick up product to avoid this. The 2 bottom darker shades work well when wet, which is not the case with the rest of the shadows. The lighter shades get that weird film if water gets on them. You can wet your brush and go in with the darker colours and use them as liner.

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review4

The pigmentation varies between the shades; the darker shades have the best pigmentation. The lighter shades, I would say, have average pigmentation. You do have to work a bit to get them to show up.

Staying Power:
As with pigmentation, the staying power is better with the darker colours than the rest, which will just disappear on their own. A primer is definitely required with the shadows in here. You need the primer to give a base for them to cling to (because of their consistency) and to make them more vibrant.

Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review5

All the shades blend together very well, but if overdone, the look can look a bit muddy, so you have to be careful about that.


Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review6

The shades ‘Main’ absolutely blends into my skin tone, so I can use it as lid shade if I want just a very natural matte eye look. The ‘Accent’ shade is just a hair darker than my skin tone, so I prefer using it as a transition shade to blend out the darker crease shades.

When I use the ‘Eyeliner’ shade dry as liner, it hardly shows up at all. Even if I use that shade wet, it shows up as a light, ashy brown on my eyes. I prefer my liner to be much darker side, so I like using it as a regular crease shade. But I do like using ‘Eyeliner’ and ‘Eyebrow’ shades in outer V as they are absolutely wonderful to work with. They are also beautiful on the brow. I love how they show up and I can finish my brows within a minute with them!


Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Review7

For a person of my skin tone, I can’t get a whole lot of looks with this palette. All of them tend to look pretty much the same. So, I like to pull in these shades when I am working with other shadows.

Final Thoughts:
I love the versatility and the amount of thought that has been put into the palette and I appreciate that. It is better than to just throw in a few crazy shiny colours in a palette and call it a day.

I will continue to get use out of it as long as I can, but I do not intend to repurchase. But, I love love love the eyebrow product, so will be buying more.

Pros of Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Palette:

• Darker shades most pigmented of the bunch
• You can finish your entire eye look with the palette
• Darker shades can be used wet
• Darker shades perform wonderfully on the brow as well
• Packaging has mirror and dual ended brush

Cons of Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Palette:

• Lighter shades have average pigmentation
• Absolutely needs a primer to increase staying power
• Shades are a little powdery – expect fallout
• Flimsy packaging

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Canmake 01 Perfect Multi Eyes Palette?
If you are a beginner to the world of makeup, I would recommend something like this just to experiment and get to know how to get use out of an average eyeshadow. But otherwise, I don’t recommend it.

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  1. You are right Ramya, this kind of palette is amazing for beginners like me. Neutrals, but still can be played with. I like it, despite all the cons here. 🙂

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