Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer Review

Hi guys!
I have been looking for a drugstore primer for a long time as an alternative to my Mac primer. I thought I finally found it. But is it as good as the Mac one? Let’s find out.

Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer

Price: ¥907

Product Claims:
• For beautiful, superbly touchable, silky-smooth skin
• Pores, fine lines and shine disappear in an instant!
• “Fake unmade-up skin” three-in-one base
• SPF18・PA++
• Fake unmade-up skin
• Just one application covers up skin unevenness, such as pores and fine lines.

• Creates a smooth skin surface that looks like natural, “unmade-up skin”, without any make-up.
• Startling new texture. Velvety first touch ⇒ Changes to a silky texture.
• This is a new type of make-up base
• that you can use on the whole of your face – blends in smoothly to cover irregularities.

Outstanding three-in-one base:
1. For make up base
Smooths out your skin, making pores and fine lines fade away and blocking shine.
Clings to your skin and noticeably improves your make-up’s staying power!
2. To touch-up your make-up and use on areas where shine is a concern.
Blend over your make-up after lightly pressing a tissue to your skin to absorb sebum, to regain that matte look! Easily-portable tube format.
3. You can also use this as light make-up!

Just this one product is fine for times when you don’t want to apply foundation – achieve completely natural-looking base make-up thanks to its complexion-correcting effect. The UV-reducing effect means you can even go out in it!
• Contains beautifying and moisturizing agents that bring you closer to beauty each time you use it.
• Moisturizing agent: Hyaluronic acid
• Maintains moisture.
• Astringent agent: Rosa multiflora fruit extract
• This plant-derived extract with an astringent effect tightens.

Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer

How to Use:
• After your usual skincare routine, apply a suitable amount to your hand and gently spread it over your skin, focusing on areas of concern regarding shine or pores.
• After this is the key point for achieving a beautiful finish -the moist, smooth cream has developed a silky texture, apply your usual foundation over the top.

Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer

My Thoughts on Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer:

The product comes in a handy dandy squeeze tube. The amount that comes out is quite small so you can control the total amount you want well. The packaging is minimal and functional. No complaints there but if you try to squeeze out a large quantity, then it skips (because of air pockets I am assuming) and squirts out.

Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer

The consistency on this one is thick, slightly in between waxy and creamy. It is light peachy beige in colour. It takes a slight bit of effort to spread out because of its consistency. This is supposed to mattify, minimize pores and be used as a makeup base. It says on the bottle that you can use it on its own for an ultra-natural look.

Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer

Mattifying Effects:
I find it mattifies my oily areas a little bit but not for long at all. I feel like I need to touch up and blot after 2-2.5 hours of wearing this product alone on my face. So I notice it fading very quickly. My makeup does not last long at all layered on top of one. I have tried using liquid and powder foundations separately to test this product out and it does not increase longetivity in either case. So I will say it is not a primer. It should be called a mattifier. There is a slight bit of white cast that I get but that goes away as I blend.

Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer

As for the actual blending, I prefer blending it in with my fingers because the heat helps to spread it out better. I have been having excessively oily skin and acne recently because my PCOS is starting to flare up.

Covering pores?
I find it does not fill in my pores and does not reduce their appearance.

On-the-go touch up?
I have tried using it as a makeup base, retouch base and all-in-one base and find that it does not work for my skin. I find that it does a worse job at mattifying when compared to the travel-friendly bye bye oil stick, I prefer the stick to this tube.

Basically it doesn’t do what a primer is supposed to do, atleast on my oily skin. It is so frustrating that some Canmake products are utter duds. In that respect, I will compare it to ELF because some products are really good while others are terrible. The quality is either a hit or miss in both brands.

Pros of Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer:

• Good packaging – can control the amount of product squeezed out.
• Mattifies for a short time.
• Has SPF 18.

Cons of Canmake Pore Cover & Mat Keep Smooth Skin Primer:

• Mattifies only for a few minutes.
• Waxy and thick consistency – takes a bit of effort to blend.
• Does not increase longevity of other makeup layered on top.
• Does not fill in pores.

IMBB Rating : 2/5

Final Thoughts:
It might work a bit better if you have normal to combination skin but this was a gigantic fail and waste of money for me 🙁

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