Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat Review

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I have very unruly brows. A few minutes after I apply my brow products, the hair on my brows go in every direction possible. I was looking for a product that would hold them in place. I have heard good things about the NYX Control Freak Eyebrow gel. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my hands on that one. Let’s see how this one fares.

Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat

Product Description:
Completely waterproof, matte topcoat that helps your eyebrow make-up last longer. Conditioning agent: contains lavender extract. A quick-drying topcoat that won’t affect the color of your carefully made-up eyebrows. Helps tidy up eyebrows, keeping them looking good all day. Non-shine matte finish that is resistant to water, sebum and sweat. Shake well before use. After applying your eyebrow make-up, put a little on the brush and lightly apply one coat in a single stroke. Take care not to apply too much. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyebrows until it has dried. Do not use immediately after plucking or shaving your eyebrows, as your skin will be sensitive.

Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat


The product comes in a small nail polish-type, frosted glass container with a white lid. The cap has a brush at the end of it which is also shaped in the same way a nail polish applicator is. I wish this was in a lip gloss type container with a spoolie applicator. This would have made all the difference in my experience with this product.

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Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat

Consistency: The consistency of this product is very watery. It looks whitish but goes on the brows like water but does not drip down from the brows during application because of the applicator. The applicator does not hold a whole lot of product because of the consistency.

Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat

Application: After I am done applying my brow powder/pencil, I use the brush applicator to apply a thin line on both eyebrows. I don’t like to double dip, because that will mean my brow product/powder will get into the Canmake container. Double dipping is easy to do, especially when I am feeling lazy. But since one dip is sufficient to go over both brows, I try to clean the tip off with tissue paper. But if you forget to do this, the tip of the applicator can get stained brown. The product takes a minute or even less to dry down and set. So after application, I immediately have to use a spoolie to spread the product.

Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat

After it sets, it really holds the eyebrow hair in place, but it does not make the hair feel hard, which can happen with some products. It sets to be completely invisible.

Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat

Longevity: The staying power is just about 5 hours for me, which means it doesn’t hold throughout the day.

Pros of Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat:

  • Compact container.
  • Does not make the brow hair hard.
  • Consistency makes the product easy to spread.
  • Sets invisible.

Cons of Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat:

  • Need to use spoolie to spread the product.
  • Double dipping is easy to do.
  • Longevity is average.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Canmake Waterproof Eyebrow Coat?
It is worth a try.

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