5 Cardio Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Obesity is a health issue that plagues millions of people around the world and a significant number of them have left no stones unturned to shed those extra pesky pounds. As such, it would be a fairly appreciable idea to spare a few words on some ways to shed those unwanted kilos. In this post, we will talk about how to lose your belly fat by including 5 fairly common cardio exercises into your routine. All that you need to manage is about 20-30 minutes of free time each day to perform any of these simple exercises. So without any further ado, let us begin:

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1. Do some Cycling: Cycling is one of best types of cardio exercises to lose stubborn belly fat and hence we have included this exercise at number one position. You can use a physical cycle to exercise or just pretend to cycle in air. You just need to lie on a mat and then place your hands behind your head. Now, lift both your legs at some distance from the ground and bend them at the knees. Now start moving both your legs as if you are riding a bicycle in reality. Start with your right knee close to your chest and the left knee held out straight. Now switch sides and do the same with the left knee beginning first. Do this exercise in 1-3 sets with 16 repetitions in each set. Also, ensure that your back remains flat and relaxed while you do this exercise.

2. Simple running/jogging: This is one of the easiest cardio exercises to reduce fat from belly area. It is actually an amazing exercise to reduce fat from the entire body. Can’t think of anything to get rid of those embarrassing folds on the belly when you sit? Then try running/simple jogging. If you don’t have the habit of running, simple jogging will also help you get started in your belly fat loss journey. However, running helps better than simple jogging in burning calories. This simple exercise boosts your metabolism rate and also helps you shed extra pounds from other parts of the body. The plus point is you can do it anywhere, anytime and you don’t even need any equipments to get started with it. Set your running/jogging distance to some value which is convenient as per your body standards and try to increase that distance slowly once you gain the required pace.

3. Doing aerobics: Are you thinking how aerobics can help you in losing belly fat? Well, then we would like to let you know that aerobics is a great cardio exercise to melt fat from your belly area. If you are new to aerobics, then start with small steps and with time you can increase your step size to bigger steps. This form of cardio exercise that mainly involves movement of the muscles of legs can help you burn hundreds of calories if you do it at high intensity. So, get set and go!

4. Skipping: Skipping/Jumping rope exercise is also a very simple cardio exercise that can bring a huge impact on your body including belly fat. Just grab a skipping rope and do simple skipping. At first, beginning with 50 skips with that rope. Try to increase that to 150 skips with time. You will easily feel that your calories are burning at a fast rate. People who do these cardio exercises at high intensity tend to lose weight faster with increased reduction rate of their waist circumference.

5. Swimming: This is a good news for all swimmers out there. They can easily lose belly weight by including swimming in their weight loss program. You have to swim for about 15-20 minutes every day to lose up to 300 calories. The more duration of swimming, the better is the degree of weight loss. Some people also lose about 500 calories by swimming for more than one hour each day. So, join swimming classes to get flat abdomen really fast.

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This is the list of 5 simple cardio exercises that you can consider incorporating into your routine to reduce the circumference of your waist and have a flat tummy. Remember high-intensity cardio exercises are more effective in helping you maintain your shape. They also give speedy results compared to normal belly fat burning exercises. The type of cardio that you do will depend on your age and also on your fitness levels. Also, monitor your diet plans well and limit it the consumption of carbohydrates. That’s all for today, folks!


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