How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Winter



How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Winter

Hey all you beautiful ladies, wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year 🙂 Hope you are doing well and must be enjoying the winters☺. Warm woolens, gloves, high boots, quilts at night… ahhhhh sighhh!! It’s all a dream for me here in Pondicherry. But it’s still not that bad, as I am going home next month to have a share of the winter chill 🙁 As of now I am counting the days.

While some of us enjoy winters, the fact cannot be denied that they are also accompanied by a lot of problems. Dry and rough skin, hair fall, fizzy hair, cracked heels are only a few to be mentioned. However, most often we tend to forget one more common issue that almost all of us face but still ignore it mostly because we don’t know what to do. I am talking about the eye problems faced during winter. Being an eye specialist’s wife I am reminded on and off about it, so I thought of sharing some tips to maintain healthy eyes during winter.

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The winter season brings in dryness, and our skin is not the only one affected. Our eyes too suffer because of the dryness. It also lacks moisture and the side effect is dry and itchy eyes. What we do is rub our eyes or splash them with water and forget about it. During the winter the moisture from our eyes evaporates and the tear glands become insufficient to produce enough fluid to maintain the moist coating required to keep our eyes hydrated. This results to dryness, blurred vision, itchiness and burning sensation. Following the simple steps can help you to get rid of such discomfort.

1. Sunglasses

Whenever you move out in the freezing temperature taking extra protection for your eyes is a must. Wear sunglasses to keep your eyes protected from the chilling winds, the prime cause of dryness. Well, this may sound weird to wear dark glasses in a gloomy day, so take the option of selecting light colored shades. They will also protect your eyes from dust and dirt.

2. Keeping your eyes clean

It is very essential to clean your eyes more often during the winters. Splash it with cold water and do not forget to properly clean off all the makeup every night. Using a good alcohol free eye makeup cleaner is essential as the alcohol content tends to make your eyes even drier.

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3. Keeping your eyes moisturized

Apply a good eye cream during the winter season every morning as well as at night to avoid premature aging as well as wrinkles. An under eye moisturizer is a must.

4. Dandruff treatment

That sounds irrelevant, but is true. Keeping your scalp dandruff free is the essential to prevent flakey eyebrows and lashes. This may cause dandruff to appear in your eye lashes as well causing itchiness and irritation.

5. Benefits of vitamin e oil

Massage one or two drops of vitamin e oil every night around your eyes. This is like a magic potion for the winters. You can also use the fluid in the vitamin e pills. This is an excellent remedy for tired eyes.

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6. Visiting an ophthalmologist

Lastly if the dry eye symptoms persist, it is better to visit an eye specialist. You will be prescribed some lubricating eye drop that will ease off the discomfort. These are artificial tear drops which keeps our eye moist and lubricated. I use it almost during the entire winter season. It soothes the eyes.
Moreover the winter season also calls for many eye diseases, the most common ones being conjunctivitis or the redness of eyes. It causes excessive irritation in the eyes with white sticky discharge from the eyes. If this happens, visit the doctor immediately before the problem aggravates. You will get quick relief with regular use of the prescribed medicines.

I hope you like the article and the tips will help you in combating eye dryness during the winters. Take care. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Your Eyes in Winter

  1. caring eyes neglected by us most of times. Nicely written post Amropali 🙂 Thansk for reminding our eyes also need care 🙂

  2. Thanks for the tips Amropali! The fact that your hubby is an opthalmologist raises the credibility of the tips.. Loved the Vit E tip the most.

  3. Girls, please be very careful with eyes….its very important to keep eyes moisturized and also please remember to discard your eye cosmetic if it causes any sting or itching in your eyes….incase you have had an eye stye by any chance please do not re-use the same eye cosmetic again…i recently developed an eye stye in my left eye and i had to visit my ophthalmologist as it had developed puss and was very painful…and i think hygiene wise its better to buy a new pack or bottle of kajal or eyeliner every six months…

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