How to Take Care of Silver Jewellery

Silver jewellery has become a fad in the recent times. It provides a much desirable brake from gold and is easy on your wallet. It is also a good option for those who want to buy precious gems studded jewellery which turns out to be pretty expensive in gold.
silver pieces
However, all silver jewellery will tarnish after a period of time. The outer layer of silver jewellery reacts with elements in the air and other chemicals to form what is called patina. Patina is the faint golden glow that covers the piece of jewellery after you have worn it for some time.

Although there is nothing you can do to prevent tarnishing, taking proper care of your jewellery can prolong this process. Following are some easy things to do:

Reduce the duration for which you wear the jewellery: Make your jewellery the last thing you put on in the morning, and the first thing you take off at night.
Reduce exposure to chemicals: Remove your jewellery when cleaning, swimming and taking a shower. The chemicals used during these activities could cause immediate tarnishing.
Reduce wear and tear: Always remove your jewellery when sleeping. Friction and movement during sleep can cause stress.
Proper Storage: Store your jewellery in a cool, dry place. Always store your silver jewellery in tarnish prevention cloths or bags. The treated cloth of such bags, slows down the tarnishing process and keeps the jewellery from rubbing against harder jewellery that might scratch it.
Cleaning: Wipe your jewellery clean with a soft cloth before returning it to storage to remove any body oils and dirt. Never let your jewellery soak in water, as it could corrode the silver. If it does get wet, make sure you dry it completely immediately.
Polishing: To restore the brand new sheen and polish in your silver jewellery, take it to a jeweller and get it repolished.
Repair: With normal daily wear wired silver jewellery like necklaces, anklets, bracelets etc will eventually need replacing. You may want to have your jewellery periodically restrung to prevent breakage or loss.
silver pieces
Proper care will make your silver jewellery last a lifetime. After all, what can be a better heirloom?

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11 thoughts on “How to Take Care of Silver Jewellery

  1. Nice Article Aashima…. 🙂 … great pictures used… :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
    Same tips can be used to take care of costume jewelry as well 🙂

      1. Komal the jewelry that is not made of any precious metal or any precious stones is called costume jewelry… like the kind of jewelry we make :))

  2. ive seen many jewellerz use colgate powder(no other brands) to clean silver jewellery..i even tried cleaning my silver jewelry ,glasses n bowls and it works very well..they look as good as newly store bought items..all u need is a slightly wet soft cloth and colgate powder…

    also trying wrapping ur silver items in cling film before storing them in any box or container..prevents them from turning black…

    1. thanx Shanaiia for the tips..
      i have heard ppl using colgate and ash for cleaning silver but i have always been apprehensive..

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